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New Reference System #8B - by Nounours18200 13/05/2017 @ 19:51

Our Reference system has been deeply improved to the best of the best with this new Reference System #8B; Jump quickly to the review !

Our Reference System 7 has been updated and our new Reference System #7B is described here.

Provided the number of requests that we have received, this DACs comparison is the most awaited review for our redaers: it is finally online here !

The long awaited review of the AUDIOGD DAC-19 with the AMANERO USB board is available here !

A preview of the new DNM Interconnect version 3 is available here !

Our Reference system #7 description has been updated

We publish an outstanding feedback of a Client related to the wonderful RISTEA AUDIO PS-V01 preamplifier, that THRESHOLDLOVERS has been the 1st site to point out !

New Reference System #7 - by Nounours18200 26/08/2016 @ 19:24 has a new high-end Reference System #7 : discover it here !

We have spent a lot of time and effort for the review of the SANSUI QRX-9001 : the biggest receiver ever made by SANSUI. Jump to the review !

A very old baby under review: the venerable PHILIPS CD-104 is under review ...

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