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Close  01-.I am registered on the website but I cannot access to the Forum

Even if you are already registered on the website, you have to register separately on the Forum, with the same pseudo or with another : remember that the Forum and the ThresholdLovers website have 2 independant registration processes.

Creation date :17/10/2009 @ 21:39Last update :08/05/2010 @ 19:52Print the article  Hyperlink

Close  02-.I have created my account on the website but I cannot log in

After having created your account, you may have problem to connect the site: in this case do not hesitate to contact by mail one of the two webmasters: ou .

We will do our best to solve your problem as soon as possible.

Creation date :28/10/2007 @ 18:19Last update :17/10/2009 @ 21:47Print the article  Hyperlink

Close  03-.How can I access the Download area or the Links area ?

You just have to register as a Member to access these areas : it is totally free.

If you face a problem, do not hesitate to contact Nounours18200 or Florent, the administrators of the ThresholdLovers website.

Creation date :08/05/2007 @ 09:16Last update :10/05/2010 @ 21:24Print the article  Hyperlink

Close  04-.How can I have my own article posted online on this site ?

The most important thing is that it is really possible to push a news or a feedback, or even your own article on this site ! Of course, in this last case, you must have a deep experience regarding the high end HiFi components (which will be verified): this is the least we should ask to ensure a value added site to our visitors.

If you match these requirements, then you just have to contact ine of the 2 Administrators, Nounours or Florent, who will guide you.

Finally, after a certain period, it is also possible to become a permanent reviewer, if you really like to provide the best information to our visitors, and commit to provide independant reviews based on real listening sessions (and not simply say that the last component or the most expensive is the best one ...).

See you soon,


Creation date :22/04/2007 @ 21:34Last update :08/05/2010 @ 19:54Print the article  Hyperlink

Close  05-.I would like to participate to this site

It is possible to become a reviewer for this site, but of course, you need to have a true and deep expertise in the high end devices. Every information article or review that would be issued by somebody else than the 2 Administrators of this website will be clearly identified.

Expertise means a few years of listening experience and passion, in order to ensure that your review have a value added.

Different approaches are possible: reviews, article on a device that you have built yourself (DIY), presentation of a specialized shop or show that you know, technical documentation, etc...

If so, just contact one of the two webmasters, Florent or Nounours, and we will discuss with you.

Creation date :08/05/2007 @ 09:13Last update :17/10/2009 @ 22:11Print the article  Hyperlink

Close  06-.I am registered on the Thresholdlovers website but I cannot access to the Forum

The website and the Forum have 2 different registration processes. Therefore, you have to register on the Forum even if you are already registered on the website.

Creation date :10/05/2010 @ 21:28Last update :10/05/2010 @ 21:30Print the article  Hyperlink

Close  07-.I am registered on the website but I do not receive any Newsletter

You have to register on the dedicated Newsletter box (on the left), with your member name in the 1st line and your email address in the second line.

Creation date :14/10/2010 @ 20:54Last update :14/10/2010 @ 20:54Print the article  Hyperlink

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