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Reference systems - Reference system 4

By "Reference system", we mean a system used as a reference point or comparison point. It does not change from a listening session to another, and is perfectly known by us. We use such a system to evaluate the devices we review on this site. We do not mean at all that it is the best system in the world...

Here is the description of the Reference system #4 used for the listening sessions and reviews. It is installed in a large and dedicated room, its size is 83m2. This #4 of our Reference system is a major improvement over our #3 version, because the drive is therefore a worldwide reference, the digital cable has been upgraded with the STEREOLAB XV-ULTRA, and because the main 230V power supply has been optimized with the JORMA Super Power Cords and the BLACKNOISE  multiple outlets from Systems & Magic.

You can download a full diagram of this system with this link

  • Drive METRONOME TECHNOLOGIE T2A Signature, used from its BNC output, with its separated Reference power supply:
  • Digital cable STEREOLAB XV-ULTRA with BNC connectors

and its separated power supply, the original one on the left and the upgraded one on the right:



  • the loudspeakers are the PROAC Response 3.8:
  • Specific subwoofer based on an AUDAX 33cm, PR330M0

  • Silver modulation cable SIGNAL CABLE SILVER RESOLUTION with EICHMAN Silver Bullet RCA connectors, or NEUTRIK for the XLR version
  • Speaker cable ELEMENT CABLE:

  • The AC line starts with the SYSTEM and MAGIC outlets, model "BLACK NOISE Six":
  • The majority of the AC power cords that we use are the excellent JORMA SUPER POWER CORDs:
Jorma1.jpeg  Jorma2.jpeg
  • For a few devices, we use the DIY power cords made with BELDEN 83802, Teflon insulated bulk cable, with FURUTECH Shuko connectors:

  • The wonderful EUPHONIA cones (the best amongst the best) are used under most of the devices:

Creation date : 06/11/2010 @ 16:28
Last update : 08/11/2014 @ 22:24
Category : Reference systems
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Reactions to this article

Reaction #2 

by Nounours18200 15/11/2012 @ 21:01

Mon caisson à base de PR-330 M0 n'est pas disponible en kit: je l'ai fait faire sur mesure il y a longtemps à partir de mes propres plans (doubles parois séparées par du bitume) chez HiFiMediax à Marseille , aujourd'hui disparu.
Pour le brancher, rien de plus simple le caisson n'ayant pas son propre ampli: il suffit d'acheter un ampli pour caisson et de le relier à chaîne principale, soit au niveau du préampli en utilisant un "Y" (voir le test des connecteur, les Vampire étant les meilleurs), soit en // sur les enceintes, puisque les amplis pour caisson ont tous aussi une entrée de ce type. Personnellement, j'utilise un "Y" en sortie du préampli.
Bien à vous,

Reaction #1 

by bruno13 15/11/2012 @ 15:08

vos enceintes a base de audax pr330 mo proviennent t ils d un kit existant et est il possible de les acquérir et comment les avez vous branche sur le système merci
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