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Amplifiers - Trends Trio

The TRENDS company has delivered to the market (a few months ago) a separate power supply for all its audio devices, named PW-10.

The review of this power supply that I have done previously on this website, was performed only in combination with the TRENDS integrated amplifier TA-10.2.

Today, I am going to review the whole TRENDS system that I named "Trio", composed with:


  • PA-10 Preamplifier with a single tube
  • TA-10.2 Integrated amplifier that I switched to amplifier only using the internal DIL switches.
  • PW-10 Muliple Power Supply.


Here is a picture inside my Pagode rack:



The PA-10 preamplifier was a surprise when we reviewed it, because it delivered 80% of the musicality of my beloved JADIS JP80MC Anniversary !

The TA-10.2 integrated amplifier has been awarded with the highest ThresholdLovers 5 stars award. I remind you that it is only a 15W amp with an extrordinary sound...


The power supply is a multiple P.S, and it is very heavy compared to the other two boxes...

This system has been reviewed with a Wadia 850 and a pair of Apogee DIVA, and in a second time wih an ONKYO DX-G10 drive feeding personal realization DAC (AD1865 N-K chip like in the "big" Audio Note DACs).

I have  always been amazed by the class T configuration, which sounds much better than the class D (IMHO). The listening sessions covered 4 weeks to check all differences precisely.

I have found again the class T touch, who seems to be unique. Clarity, accuracy and good bass, very ample. I like it !

This "TRIO" must be compared to the other top range class A/B amplifiers, like the  Audio Analogue, Naim or Cambridge Audio. All of them have pro and cons, but for the TRENDS Trio is very simple to install, and the necessary space will never be an issue.

The only thing that I can mention is that you will need a DAC or CD having a 2V minimum output level, if not the sound will be more Hi-Fi than really High-End. In the first case, even with the volume knob on the preamplifier turned at the maximum, you will never have any impact or great sound.

This remark is issued following the listening sessions with my personnal DAC; with the Wadia 850 that  easily delivers 5V,  everything is fine with maestria.
A trio to be recommanded without any doubt.


  • the setup is simplified using the unique power supply
  • bass is very ample
  • accuracy
  • precision of the sound
  • difficult to beat this combo (price/sound/space ratio is extremely good ...)


  • preamplifier runs hot du to the tube
  • not enought space to connect the cables behind: only 3mm of space !
  • WARNING, CD output level must be upper 2V to get enough punch and overall quality


Article written by  Florent (provence13).

Creation date : 13/05/2010 @ 15:36
Last update : 12/01/2016 @ 17:55
Category : Amplifiers
Page read 827 times

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