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Threshold - Fet-10 He Blue

You already know that the THRESHOLD Fet-10 He preamplifier has been our favorite preamp for months. It is very simple compared to other solid state preamps using hundreds of components, but it generates un incredibly neutral, deep and rich sound.

The surprise is that we have discovered another version of this preamp !
  • the first version we already knew is the one reviewed here, using a motherboard entirely covered with copper.
  • the version we have just discovered has a blue motherboard, like shown on the photographies below.

At the opposite, the Power Supply seems to be the same, although
THRESHOLD has informed us that several versions of the P.S. were delivered along the time.

This blue version has also a different front plate, more similar to the
T2 preamp that we reviewed here (also see this article), a device that was introduced on the market after the Fet-10 He, when Nelson PASS had already left the company.

You can discuss about this blue version of the Fet-10 He on our Forum: direct link here.

Of course, the preamp still gets our maximum ranking, 5 stars +...

Serial number of the unit reviewed: 14721

This article was written by Florent (provence13 on our Forum)

Creation date : 12/04/2010 @ 12:46
Last update : 08/11/2014 @ 23:19
Category : Threshold
Page read 651 times

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