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Accessories - Trends Power Supply PW-10


Well, it is the first time that I review an external power supply.
This product is coming from Hong Kong where the company TRENDS manufactures it. I like it because it delivers 3 power supplies in only one box ! 24v, 5V and 12V ! Whouah !

Herebelow is the front view:


Here is the Back:


When the power is on,  a blue led + a green led (depending on the switch you validate in the back) lights.

It has always been a pleasure to lesson to the TRENDS TA-10.2P : with only 10W, it has got the maximum rating of "5 stars + state of the art".


Regarding the test protocole, I have first listened to  [the standard power supply + TRENDS TA-10.2P] and then I have listened to the TRNDS TA-10.2P with the new power supply: simple and logic.

As usual, I have used the Reference system #2, i.e.:

  • WADIA 850
  • TRENDS + Standard or external power supply
  • APOGEE Diva

In the past, I have done various modifications to the power supply of my main amplifier, and it is obvious that huge differences are easily audible.

I have achieved these such modifications to my Threshold SA/3.9e and a miracle happened in accuracy, punch, sound stage and so on ! So a really good power supply can bring you to a new world of sound quality. You should never underestimate this for the future of your own system and i recommend you to improve firstly your power supplies, and only later the devices themselves....

Let us lesson to this power supply...:

I have spent a lot of time with the external power supply in order to identify the differences with the original power supply. To make this analysis simple to understand, I have summarized it in a spreadsheet (the higher the note is, the better it is):


Standard Power Supply vs External Power Supply
Type Standard External
Bass 3 3
Stage 5 3
Accuracy 2 5
Voices 3 5
Homogeneity 6 4
Tiredness 4 6
 Speed 3 3

As you can see, there are some differences:

1) The first one relates to the voices. With the original P.S., you may have  the right tone but not the right expression of the real voice.
2) Second point that I can comment is the accuracy, this difference is more important. You have not in front of you the same amplifier, strange but it's the reality !
3) Third, the soundstage, I do not understand why the original seems to be better in that caracteristic except in the wide side.
4) I found also more magic with the original P.S., but after a long period of listining you will get back to the new one because it provides a more opened sound !


Globaly, the external power supply  is better in 3 points.

So for me, if I take only the notation, the standard power supply is excellent and the external is very good. But as long as you do not perform the test by yourself, you will probably not be able to choose one instead of the other....

In conclusion, this choice is very complex and not easy at all. During this review, I have sometimes prefered the new power supply, sometimes the old one.



  • multiple AC,  great !
  • metal case
  • support all the TRENDS products line with one box
  • excellent voices
  • very good accuracy in general
  • no tiredness during a long listening (rare)
  • remains always cold
  • price is low (as usual with the TRENDS devices)


  • stage could be better
  • on my reference system, the homogeneity is only good
Article written by Florent ("provence13" on the Forum).

Creation date : 09/03/2010 @ 19:41
Last update : 19/01/2016 @ 17:26
Category : Accessories
Page read 676 times

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