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Preamplifiers - Jadis JP 80 MC


During many years, and particularly after the growth of the digital era promoting the CD players equiped with a variable analog output, I thought that a preamplifier was useless.

It is only after having lessoned a few "state of the art" preamplifiers, such as the CELLO preamp or the AUDIO RESEARCH SP-4, that I realized the difference in terms of musicality that can occur depending if a preamplifier is used or not.

My conclusion is clear: a preamplifier must be used in the chain to achieve the best possible musical quality.

The theory explaining that a preamplifier does not have to amplify anything since the generalization of the high level line outputs, is -in my opinion- simply not valid.

Therefore, I began my search of a high end preamplifier, no matter it uses transistors or tubes. I have owned a PERREAUX SM3 class A, and then a JADIS JP 30 MM.

After having read a lot of articles and reviews, I decided to get a JP 80 MC because I needed to use both MM and MC phono inputs. The first tests were not very enthusiastic. This is because a preamplifier delivers its full qualities only if it is feed by a "state of the art" D/A converter. This is the condition to get a "magic sound" from it.


Internal view of the preamp stages



Top view of the preamp


Internal view of the power supply box

System configuration for testing:

  • WADIA 850, or COUNTERPOINT DA-11 + DA-10 new version (using the best Crystal converter)
  • JADIS JP 80 MC
  • SILTECH Silver cables (4-80S interconnect, and LS2-090 speaker)

JADIS is a company created by two audiophiles who had previously made a few amps for their family and friends. Their first amp was the JA-60 (60W class A monoblocks), and then the JA-80.

The JP-80 MC is one of the updates (amongst many) of this preamp. Some models do not have in air internal cabling, some other do not have MM or MC input(s). As every "state of the art" preamp, it is made of two boxes: one for the power supply and one for the amplification circuitry.



Build quality.

It is exceptional, gold plated frontplate, Allen screws, best quality parts for the attenuators, in air internal cabling.




There are 2 buttons for the volume (left and right) and no balance to avoid any musicality loss. There is no remote control. Despite the tubes, it does not generate a lot of heat.




It belongs to the high end preamplifiers category, its magic comes from the continuity that it generates between the notes. Its sound character can be modified by changing the tubes (12AX7). It always surprises by its punch, the beauty of the sound, its ease to climb in the high frequencies, in a word: it is a state of the art preamp...

Warning: never forget that you must also have a state of the art source, if not you will be like many other people: you may think that you have to change your preamp, forgetting that it cannot invent what it is not fed with...



The pros:

  • very stable
  • magic sound, which can be modified by changing the brand of the 12AX7 tubes
  • built quality
  • attenuator made of matched resistors, instead of a simple potentiometer



The cons:

  • internal parts are cheap
  • no remote control
  • very expensive
  • big size
Florent and I believe that this preamplifier merits the highest ranking of the site because of its exceptional musicality and charm. It appeared to us slightly less defined than the T2-upgraded version but slightly more pleasant on the female voices...
Who knows where the truth exactly is, but it is a reference preamp.


Article written by Florent ("provence13").


Creation date : 27/02/2007 @ 17:29
Last update : 08/11/2014 @ 19:07
Category : Preamplifiers
Page read 1903 times

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Reactions to this article

Reaction #3 

by clavil 16/09/2008 @ 08:00


interconnect Nordost Vahlhala
power Norost Vahlhala
platine Thorens avec ??

Reaction #2 

by clavil 16/09/2008 @ 07:58

j'ai entendu hier soir pour la 1ère fois le JP 80 MKII ...

je suis ébahi...

Audio research CD Ref 7
Audio research Ref 3
Manley monoblocs 500
Sonus faber Amati Palladio

nous avons comparé le A.R.Ref 3 au Jadis JP 80

et avons tous préféré le Jadis:
-plus de précision et de focus dans la localisation des musiciens sur la scène
-plus de profondeur de scène
-"midrange" bcp plus riche donc plus de corps
-pas une once d'agressivité

le Ref 3 est bcp plus clair, moins précis, la scène est peut-être un peu plus large

2ème test
Vinyle versus CD à travers le Phono stage du Jadis ...
nous étions sur le c ... même CD / Vinyle
-bcp plus vivant
-plus 3 dimensionnel
-plus précis
-plus dynamique! oui!

une grande expérience et grosse découverte pour moi

PS dommage qu'il n'y ait pas de télécommande

Reaction #1 

by hifitub 23/05/2008 @ 12:01

Etant moi même possesseur d'un Jadis JPS 2, de JA 50 classe A, d'un
drive JD1 premiére génération, d'un conv. MSB et de dynaudio Spécial 25,
le tout cablé en siltech, je suis complètement en accord avec vôtre analyse,
et je trouve qu'il y à vraiment un son JADIS inimitable : timbres magnifiques,
image grandiose, et un suivi mélodique de réve sur les voix.
je note comme vous, une petite faiblesse dans le grave, mais bon. la perfection
n'existe pas.
en ce qui concerne Nagra, mon revendeur préféré m'avait vanté la qualité
du préampli pll, qu'il me fit écouter sur mon systéme, alors que voulais remplacer
mon premier prémpli jadis, à savoir un excelent JPL. Aprés les premières
impressions flateuses du NAGRA, càd un grand silence de fonctionement et
une impression de pureté des sons, je me rendis compte, au fur et à mesure
des écoutes, que cet appareil n'était tout simplement pas musical, il manquait
j'ai vu sur les photos, que vos JA 80 étaient découplés, mais je n'ai pas
connaissance de ce systéme, de quoi s'agit-il ?

enfin je vous félicite pour vôtre site qui est trés attractif, et plein de passion.
Un passionné de haute fidélité.
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