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Interconnect cables - Jorma Origo

The cable that we review has been tested in my Reference System #2 and it is the JORMA DESIGN Origo.

The Origo cable is quite at the summit of the JORMA DESIGN range, just below the "Prime" model. I have a certain lnowledge about the JORMA cables because to date, I have already listened to 2 Jorma Power Cords: the Prime and the Super Power (the photo of this one is not available on the JORMA webiste because it has been discontinued, but it is one of the best power cords available and Michel uses 5 of them in his Reference System #5).

The French importer who gave me the cables for a review is the well known and very competent NEXT AUDIO company.

I am very open minded regarding the modulation cables, I just believe that my current and very old cable, a SILTECH 4-80S, is still the best on my system. Even if the prices are not the same, these cables will be compared, because everybody knows that price does not mean quality, particularly in the cables domain...

I do not care about the price, I am just interested by the result...

The testing method is as follow:

  • installation of the cable, selection of 4 CDs, 2 being classical music and 2 other being Jazz.
  • then I listen an entire song on each of the 4 CD, then I change the cable and I listen again in the same order.

In order to simplify your analysis of listening session results, we have summarized them in the following spreadsheet:

  • G=Bass,
  • V=Voices
  • S=Speed
  • N=Neutrality


Here is a photography of the JORMA suitcase, with the "Made in Sweden" logo:


And below is a photography of the JORMA inside its box:


  • Build quality is excellent
  • The cable comes with a set of WBT Ag connectors
  • Transparent Teflon insulation
  • Very beautiful timbres

  • price is too high regarding the sonic performance
  • matches best with a cold or neutral system (avoid the tube based systems...)
  • the ByBee seems to be less efficient than on the Jorma Power cords
  • this cable is slow in comparison with other cables (lack of speed)
Article written by Florent - June 2013.

Creation date : 13/01/2010 @ 00:06
Last update : 19/01/2016 @ 17:40
Category : Interconnect cables
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