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Amplifiers - Trends TA-10.2
Yesterday, on the 19th  october 2009, I have received from Honk Kong a new version of the highly awarded integrated amplifier TRENDS TA-10. This version holds the reference "TRENDS TA-10.2"
This version as a few  new components. It seems that the manufacturer wants to maintain the pressure on its competitors !.

The last time I have reviewed this integrated amplifier, I was in Paris. Now, I am back in the south of France and I have my reference system #2 in front of me, except the KRELL KSA-50 mkII amplifier, which should be back to home very soon. Consequently, the system is minimalist but still ready for a review...

So the system used for this review is as follow:
  • Wadia 850 with Jorma Super Power Cord
  • Trends TA-10.2 with Belden power Cord
  • Silver Siltech Cable everywhere
  • Apogee DIVA
  • Finite Elemente has support


I immediatly opened it, because I was so curious to see what the main differences are.
The old version (top) and the new one (bottom) :


Visually, it seems that the potentiometer, the small and big capacitors have been modified; the circuit and the other parts seem to be the same in the old and new versions.
The architecture has also been modified with the RCA centered in the new version; I prefer  ! The old version was too complex to use with non banana plugs, even with very small interconnects.

What else can I say ?... the technology is the same in the two versions, they use a class T chip, the TRIPATH TA-2024 with 2x15w @4 ohms and 2x10W @8 ohms.
The AC adapter is a generic model 100V-240V/50-60Hz and the weight is standard, around 300g.

Front view, the logo has changed with ".2" mark
Rear view, the RCA are in the middle. The new position is great.

Now, how is the new sound of the acclaimed class T integrated amplifier ?

First point, you can plug it to the AC plug without any fear, the amplifier remains always cold.

Second point, as usual, this "baby" amplifier can take place everywhere. The weight is also close to nothing: less than 500g.

Third point, the review starts :

Remember that my reference system has been optimized during 20 years (support, power cord, tubes etc ...). I am not a great mathematician but my reference premamplifier  + amplifier  cost is around 80 times more than the integrated TRENDS. Yes, you read the right ratio, 80.

So how did the TRENDS perform agains it ? I have to answer the same number: you will have 80% of my reference system for 80 times minus in terms of cost !

From the old version of the TRENDS, the sound has improved  on the voices and small informations. You do not reach the summit of a 300B tube texture but not so far.

This product, like some others on the market, that also use the class T technology, are a bargain for their price. I must congratulate this company to provide so enthusiastic products.

What would I expect for the future ? a wider box and more power (40-50w), and of course still in classe T.

I have enlighted in red the new comments related to the new version.


  • prince in class T, idem
  • medium sweet, silk, magic. a little bit more due to new components
  • great macro and micro definition, idem
  • top accelearation like a 300w, idem
  • huge difference in dynamic like class A amplifier, idem
  • you can do DIY on some components, idem
  • wide and stable soundstage
  • allways cold, idem
  • price
  • really not easy to plug loudspeakers because there is no space. better now but again not so simple if you don't have bananas
  • components are basic inside
  • some times in my configuration with Apogee's and 87dB , the amplifier stop but I must admin that I push the potentiometer too high !.


You can discuss about this amplifier on our Forum, just go directly here !

Article written by Florent.

Creation date : 19/10/2009 @ 14:00
Last update : 04/05/2014 @ 19:10
Category : Amplifiers
Page read 1003 times

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Reactions to this article

Reaction #3 

by Errington 02/04/2011 @ 04:35

Trends TA-10.2 seems like the type of amp I'd love to have in my vehicle.  All the pros you listed for this item are the things I've been looking for in an amp.  Does this amp come with any sort of delay timer by chance?  I'll continue to research this model and see if it may be the automobile accessory I've been looking for.

Reaction #2 

by provence 17/01/2011 @ 18:41

I never heard the Topping TP30 but as you said, if inside the box there also the same great component 2024, I must agree with you that paying more than 100$ is excessive. For the sound I am not able to answer because we must compare.

Reaction #1 

by dvuk 17/01/2011 @ 11:01

What about difference between TA-10 and Topping TP30 ? TP30 costs <100$. It is build from good audiophile components, same 2024 chip, + USB input. I am very satisfied wit TP30, but i am curious about audible differences, if any? Is Ta-10 worth to pay more then twice ?
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