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Amplifiers - Jadis JA 80

I have been a fan of the JADIS JA-80 monoblock amplifiers for more than 10 years.

Why ?

Simply because they are fantastic with the electrodynamic speakers, or with some "nervous" electrostatic panels such as the MARTIN LOGAN for example.

The JA-80 monoblock amplifiers is the first major model designed by Mr CALMETTES.

They have a kind of magic in the sound and the way they reproduce the soundstage.

The following photographies show that they are not small at all: each monoblock weights 35 kg ! They use on air cabling, except for the power supply in which a printed circuit is  used.



The JA-80 monoblock amplifier

The front face hosts 2 buttons: "power" and "operate". The "operate" button starts the high voltage on the tubes: you must wait at least 10 minutes before switching this button ON.


The 4 power tubes: ECC82 (front) and ECC83 (rear).


Top view JA-80 monoblock amplifier

The output transformer, located on the right side on the above photo, is really enormous. On the left you can see the power transformer.

I have made a lot of tests and comparisons regarding the tubes, including the ECC82, ECC83, KT88, EL34 and 6550C. Here is my final selection:

  • for the driver tubes, use the ECC82 from JJ ELECTRONICS.
  • for the ECC83, use the  TELEFUNKEN tubes (yes, they are still the reference !)
  • for the power tubes, you should use the 6550C from SVETLANA

It is only with this configuration that you get the best from your JA-80.


The pros of the JA-80:

  • you really get the magic of the tubes, but only with high efficiency speakers (> 89 dB)
  • high stability and reliability: no failure...
  • the polarization do not need any adjustment: it is automatic, even if you change the tubes with another model
  • very good and beautiful mid-range, with fine high frequencies
  • lifetime warranty for the output transformer

The cons of the JA-80:

  • very big amplifiers
  • little lack of accuracy
  • not enough bass (at least for some people)
  • not enough punchy to correctly drive some pannels requiring a lot of current (Ampere).



Article written by Florent (provence13 on the forum).



Creation date : 01/06/2009 @ 11:54
Last update : 11/01/2016 @ 21:01
Category : Amplifiers
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Reactions to this article

Reaction #2 

by Nounours 14/08/2010 @ 17:32


Votre question a été postée sur notre Forum, plus adapté à des questions.réponses, vous pouvez y accéder en suivant ce lien:

Florent, qui connaît mieux que moi ces blocs monos, vous répondra sur le Forum.


Reaction #1 

by Jerome 13/08/2010 @ 22:15


Egalement propriétaire de deux blocs Jadis Ja80, je confirme effectivement vos différentes appréciations.

Concernant les tubes, je n'y connais pas grand chose et je serai tenté de suivre vos préconisations.

Mais où peut-on se procurer ces tubes, notamment les ECC83 TELEFUNKEN ?

Merci de votre réponse

Cordialement e

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