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Tubes and others - Vaccum tubes gain
On some preamplifiers, you have the possibility to change the original vacuum tubes on the preamp line. I have personally performed a lot of tests in order to know which are compatible.
Here are the results, please find below the schematic, it is really well done.

You have to know that the gain factor is different on each tube. Until 50%, it is compatible, below, you must check the constructor's references.

On my JADIS, I have tried with great success the following: 5751, ECC82 which are not compatible, 6189W (the same), non compatible and in fact everything is working very fine.
 Maybe the design of the JP80MC is particular and accept a lot of tubes ?

You may think, it is mad to put these tubes against the 12AX7, you are surely right but the sound of your system is very important.
For the line section, it is UNIQUE. If you choose to stay with the constructor reference, yu will never know if another combination would provide a better musicality. But you have to know that the site does not encourage you to do this, unless you are an expert perfectly knowing what to do...
But you will never know if your system works better without doing these tests. You might be disappointed but in the right way.

Article written by Florent ("provence13").

Creation date : 23/05/2009 @ 16:12
Last update : 11/10/2009 @ 21:11
Category : Tubes and others
Page read 637 times

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