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Amplifiers - Goldmund 18.4
When you are an Audiophile, you know that the devices must be lessoned on your own system to have a honest viewpoint of their qualities...

I have been believing for a long time that the KRELL were the only amplifiers (except one or two other) to perfectly drive the Apogee Divas. The bass section has always been extraordinary to my ears (when driven by the KRELL) until... the day I have lessoned to the GOLDMUND !
note: this model has the "famous" JOB4 circuitry...

They look pretty, like a shoes box (!), but heir weight is serious: 30kg per bloc !...

On the rear plate, there are plenty of connectors because the European version is both Analogic and Digital. It includes some DACs (they are probably made by Alizé) to allow the use of a digital preamp.
The base idea is push the conversion as close as possible from the loudspeakers, and therefore to use the possible corrections of a digital preamp; GOLDMUND has always promoted this idea... These monoblocs can also be used with a traditional (analog) preamp.

Here is a photo of these little monsters:


and the rear view:

You should note that is you do not need the digital part, you can buy a version without this part, but unfortunately for most of us, this version is only available in Asia...

This 18.4 version has been recently replaced by the TELOS 200, which delivers 200W between 2-16 ohms, and 150W between 1-16 ohms.

The build quality matches with the price, reaching 8.000€ per bloc (it looks expensive in our opinion).

The review has been done on the reference system #2:
  • Wadia 850
  • Préampli Jadis JP80MC avec tubes ligne Tesla E83CC
  • Goldmund 18.4
  • Apogee DIVA

The very first notes were already wonderful.... I have had a confirmation of what the word "power" means...

The musicality of these GOLDMUND monoblocs is astonishing, superior to 98% of the current commercial amplifiers (this is a true victory even if we all know that the current commercial products do not reach the same standards than 2 decades ago).


  • speed
  • they seem to have an unlimited power
  • the bass section is extraordinary defined
  • no overheat
  • fluid, fulfillness, spaciousness
  • the best (or one of the very best) amp on the Apogee (to date...)
  • no noise (no fan)


  • unexpected stop (the amp shuts down because of the protection circuits) !
  • price is too high (16.000€)
  • not correctly distributed in France


And to hekp you to continue to dream around these beauties, we have created a dedicated topic on our Forum, that you can directly reach by following this link !


Article written by Florent (provence13).

Creation date : 15/03/2009 @ 11:15
Last update : 11/01/2016 @ 21:00
Category : Amplifiers
Page read 1159 times

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