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Amplifiers - Electrocompaniet 25 W
I have been dreaming for a long time to review the ELECTROCOMPANIET 25W, made in Norway by Peter Abrahamsen; this amplifier is a legend and is rare.
The last time I lessoned to it, it was on a system built around a pair of Quad ESL 63 pannels, and I still remeber how much I had been stucked... This time is another story: it is plugged in my system, at home...a friend of mine gave it to me for quick review.

The ELECTROCOMPANIET 25W class A is a small sized amplifier, as well as a light amplifier. On the front plate, the brand "Electrocompaniet" is not mentionned, there is just the following description: The 2 channel audio power amplifier.
This is probably a rest of the poor importance given to the marketing during this period...


On the rear plate, I found the original connectors and RCA, and a On/off switch.

The ELECTROCOMPANIET 25W has been reviewed on my reference system #2:

  • Wadia 850
  • Jadis JP80MC
  • Electrocompaniet 25W
  • Apogee DIVA
  • and my usual SILTECH silver wires
Let us straight to the conclusion: the sound going out of this amplifier is undoubtedly better than the the one made by most of the current commercial "high end" production.
Contrarily, on my system, the 25W are obviously not enough to properly drive the DIVAs, and the comparison with the KRELL KSA50mkII turns into a too difficult game for the ELECTROCOMPANIET: the current capabilities are too low...

The ELECTROCOMPANIET is very linear, transparent and delivers a natural sound: it is a little surprising during the first minutes...


  • it is a legend...
  • it delivers a natural sound
  • the bass definition is better than the average of the current commercial production
  • the price is low, the weight too
  • performs as well as the current Mark Levinsons... (!) at a far lower price
  • full class A / 25 W


  • not compliant with my [Divas based] configuration
  • to be used [only] with "small" configuration not requiring a lot of current like the Divas do.

Article written by Florent (provence13).

Creation date : 04/03/2009 @ 17:54
Last update : 11/01/2016 @ 20:55
Category : Amplifiers
Page read 1184 times

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Reactions to this article

Reaction #1 

by EUVRARD 28/05/2009 @ 11:05

Bonjour Florent

J'ai écouté cet ampli sur mes ESL63 couplé a mon SP6B en comparaison de mon AW100 de 2x100W / 8 Ohms et j'ai été sous le charme de ce "petité" ampli qui semble avoir été fait pour les FRED.

Tout y est, tenue du grave, beautée et naturel des timbres, médium plein, vivacité, le 100W a coté semblait moins puissant.

Si votre ami collectionneur souhaite s'en séparer, je suis preneur

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