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Amplifiers - Trends TA-10
A few weeks ago, I have reviewed some of the best digital amplifiers on my reference system using the Apogee DIVA. The NuForce Reference 9 V2 (last released) was good but not in the same league than a good class A amplifier like a KRELL or a THRESHOLD... Then I lessoned to a CL3 Gemincore 250 and a few other amplifiers (their brand is more confidential).

After these tests, I have reviewed the product that I have in front of me. It is very very small but it offers a stratospheric value and sound, particularly at its ridiculous price...

The system I used for this review is described herebelow:
  • CD player: Studer Revox A730
  • Amplifier: Trends TA-10
  • Loudspeakers: Highland Oran 4301
  • CD interconnect cable: MIT Symetric 330
  • Loudspeakers cable: QED l'Original

Over the past  20 years, I have listened to many audio systems, and sometimes I had the chance to discover a true bargain, producing a magical experience during which... your heart starts beating like when you fall in love !

During this review, the TRENDS class T amplifier was cold (I did not take enough time to power it on, and let it the necessary time to reach its normal operating temperature). I believe it is important to mention that the TRENDS is a 15W (only) amplifier.

It remembers me the NAIM Nait 2 delivering 20W, that was a very serious contender for the AUDIO RESEARCH, and in another league the NAD3020; these have been 2 "small" amplifiers that have acquired an excellent reputation.
The tehnology of this TRENDS amp is interesting. It is not a class D but a class T amplifier. Inside the box, a sible chip performs most of the amplification, running at the incredible frequency of 650 kHz; this chip is a TRIPATH TA2024, and when we talk about "class T" the "T" stands for the initial of the manufacturer of this chip (T like Tripath).

So, what about the result ?

Well... I am wihout  any voice ....

Except when using very big "monsters" amplifiers with a proper setup, I have NEVER heard so many informations with tons of details delivering si much pleasure. The performance of this amplifier is incredible, and becomes even more incredible when looking to its (ridiculous) size...

On the following photography, you can see how small it is:


Inside view:


This amplifier gets our highest award and provided its ridiculous price, maybe even more...

We also give you another useful information: some dealers, such as NDI-FRANCE, propose an upgraded version with better parts. This should bring it further for an extra cost compared with the original price, but this extra cost remains very (very) low in absolute value.

Please be also informed that the CD player was a giant killer in the past. It uses the well known TDA1541 from Philips, which is a very good competitor in the DAC arena...
The small monitors from HIghland are also great loudspeakers having received a lot of serious awards....


  • prince in class T: the 5 stars ranking take the very low price in consideration.
  • medium sweet, silk, magic.
  • great macro and micro definition
  • top accelearation like a 300w
  • huge difference in dynamic like class A amplifier
  • you can do DIY on some components
  • allways cold
  • price


  • it is really not easy to connect the loudspekers because there is not enough space between the connectors.
  • components and parts are basic


You can discuss about this amplifier on our Forum, just go directly here !

Article written by Florent.

Creation date : 19/01/2009 @ 17:43
Last update : 12/01/2016 @ 17:52
Category : Amplifiers
Page read 942 times

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Reactions to this article

Reaction #4 

by soundsmith 11/04/2011 @ 19:48

Overall, your review makes this out to be one of the best amps you have reviewed in a long time.  It runs cold, is priced good, had sturdy parts, and has plenty of power.  Aside from difficulty to connect the loud speakers because of the space limitations between the connectors, what are the drawbacks?  Also, what is the max output this amp can push?

Reaction #3 

by provence17 04/04/2011 @ 11:32

So, what are the reasons that someone may not want this amp?
- If you have a huge wallet take a Boulder or McIntosh or great brands but remember the price is 100 more !
- the sound is very clean, some prefer having tube sound, this one can't do it
- the preamplifier inside is not top notch
What else ? Nothing, the price is so low !.

Reaction #2 

by soundlover 02/04/2011 @ 04:44

You say this amp has "a stratospheric value and sound" and that it is priced well compared to other amps of this quality.  This review makes it sounds like this one puts other appliances of its kind to shame.  So, what are the reasons that someone may not want this amp?  Basically,other than the fact that the connections are too close together to connect certain types of speakers, what's it's biggest setback?

Reaction #1 

by Basyl 01/04/2011 @ 14:56

So glad to find this article! I was particularly interested in CL3 Gemincore 250, but most of information I found by SE was in French( at last I can form my own objective attitude to this product.
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