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Preamplifiers - Viola Cadenza

This preamplifier is one of the last released by VIOLA.

VIOLA is the granddaddy of CELLO, a firm managed by  Mr Mark LEVINSON after he left (the  Mark Levinson Company).

His genius creator has gone, he was Mr COLANGELLO, a brillant engineer who has done so many things with the Mark Levinson firm, like John CURL.

This preamplifier is like a diva: beautiful. It is made of aluminium, with 4 knobs. Look at the pictures...

Inside, the design is fully double mono.
A red light can be seen outside and you know is the preamplifier is in a good "health" or not. Funny and really intelligent.

This preamplifier has been reviewed in association with the DCS PUCCINI for the CD player section, the GOLDMUND Telos 18.4 for the amplification, and the ROCKPORT  Mira.

The settings are very complex. A small changement has a huge impact and the musicality no longer the same.
It has been listened during many hours without any tiredness.


The knobs are used to modifiy  the sound in real time.

The power supply is housed in a second cabinet... even if is not a big power supply.

Inside the preamplifier :


  • superb quality (manufacture)
  • great knobs
  • like no preamplifier (rare)
  • neutral
  • double mono


  • very complex regarding the gain parameters
  • power supply too "light"
  • price (no comment)
  • specific components (the Viola modules) meaning that the preamp cannot be repaired without using the original Viola modules (if the Viola firm disappear, it will no longer be possible to repair the device)
  • plays correctly with 47kohms amplifiers but much better with 100kohms ones !


Article written by  Florent.

Edit by Nounours:

I would just like to add a comment on this superb preamplifier: the gain stages use various specific Viola "modules" which do not allow to know what parts are inside each module (the modules cannot be opened).
This approach is used by Viola to protect his know-how, but presents a huge problem for the future owner...: if the Viola firm disappear, it would no longer be possible to repair the device, because nobody would know which parts or transistors were used in each module !... Be aware...

Creation date : 01/01/2009 @ 14:26
Last update : 08/11/2014 @ 20:44
Category : Preamplifiers
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