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CD Players - DCS Puccini

During the life, there some great moments.
Following a visit to my home from a guy who is living in the Gard (it is an area located in the South of France), I also visited his home a few weeks later.

His system is as follow:
  • DCS Puccini
  • Preamplifier : Viola Cadenza
  • Amplifier : Goldmund 18.4 mono block
  • Loudspeakers:  Rockport Mira
  • Cables : Tara Labs, Kharma (interconnects) and Silent Source (HP).

Many times, I listen to systems that (at least for me) do not have enough "life" or "soul" as I wish. Very few systems are perfectly tuned. This one was an exception !.
The guy has a huge ancient house from the XII century. More than 50m2 with only hard stone around.
He has spend more than a year to find the right tips and routines to have the righ place, right position for the loudspeakers and so on. A long period was also necessary for the preamplifier settings. The cables were chosen after various long listening sessions, day after day.

The review is done with my favorite CDs that I have listened to many times on my own system.

My first feeling is that the loudspeakers are no longer in the room: they have disappeared ! This is a very rare feeling. Most of the time  you feel the devices, and in your mind, you have the sensation of not being so well.

Secondly it generates a general sweetness.

After two hours, I would describe his system as follow :

- the Puccini CD Player is a miracle. I have listened to the ancient DCS, like the Elgar, but you need the full combo to get it working properly and the sound was not so sublime. I have also listened to the P8i: it has a great texture on the voices and some part of the medium, but no more ! So you understand that I was not in love with the DCS component.
It was a great surprise. In its price, it is the best of the best.

If you came down to the earth and the reality, 15400€  is a lot of money, and this price does not ease with the acceptance of the stupid remote control made of plastic ... like the caddy ! (GRRR).

But only the music matters. Fluidity and precision, plus presence, are unmatched. It is really a miracle. They undoubtely have worked a lot on the RING DAC inside !.

This player has been compared to some "collegues" like  EMMLABS / VITUS / AUDIO AERO / AUDIOMAT. And no one can challenge it !
See the player.

  • Beauty of sounds
  • Wide stage
  • Sweet in any circumstance
  • Definition is at the top level
  • TEAC mechanism


  • Remote control in plastic (shame on DCS)
  • Price
  • Plastic also for the caddy (shame on DCS)

Article written by Florent

Creation date : 31/12/2008 @ 12:37
Last update : 07/11/2014 @ 23:14
Category : CD Players
Page read 660 times

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