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Interconnect cables - Last exciting cables

In this end of year, I propose some marvelous gifts.

This document has been written following a visit from a guy who currently lives in the "Gard", a well known French area.
As usual, during the phone contact, I proposed him to bring some "donuts and sweets". So, the day he arrived, he has in a small bag an interconnect cable and a power cable. So we could compare with mines (and do not forget that, within a great system, only live comparisons are valid).

The guy has bring :

-  The TARA LABS ISM the One Interconnect cable
-  The LESSLOSS Power cable


On my reference system #2, I have always prefered the silver cables. But for the first time, I  had to admit that the difference was huge in term of sound.
Silver has the particularity to put the stage in front, to generate accelerations (rythm) and put the highs upper.
My actual configuration uses various SILTECH silver cables having all these caracteristics.

1) Test with the TARA LABS ISM the One.
Thi is a High-End cable that I discovered for the first time.
They cost a lot, 3.5 times the Siltech I own. Price is 3.500€.




They are beautifully manufactured except for connectors which are a little strange, very special. Not for my taste....
There is also a small link that you should connect (see the picture), probably for ground potential purposes.

Listening : Bass are really perfect with a great separation between sounds (heavy, medium and high), rythm is decreassing one level and spectrum has well. The links between the notes are more present, so the global approach for the reference system #2 is better.

One of the best actually but at a stratospheric price.

2) LESSLOSS powercord.



This product is simpler than the previous one. It is a 3 cords twisted. Not so easy to put and place in the system. Price is 500€.

Until now, I have a very High-End powercord from KUBALA, the SOSNA EMOTION (1.200€) in front, just after the main plug and DIY powercord for all the equipment, made of Belden (50€) linked to a distributor from BLACK NOISE.

The last time I have done a review, all the cables were KUBALA ones. You can image the total price !... CD, Amp and Preamp were equipped with the same powercord. I believe that the difference was not to the advantage of KUBALA in this configuration.
May be too sweet, and I do not know why it does not work better ?.

To perform the comparison, I have put only the LESSLOSS cable to the CD.
And ... I have been totally astonished just after 10 seconds. A fantastic performance. Because in high-end system, you only get a little improvement compared with the quality you had previously.

Huge soundstage, very good precision without any doubt. Feeling and taste were present.
Congratulations !. This cable also have a very good performance/price ratio.

It is with some regrets that I have seen these cables going back to their owner.

2 wonders ... from present time.



Since 2 months , I try a lot of power cable. After having reviewed the Belden, I have built a new cable with a 4mm2 high end raw cable, and it was better  than the Belden (by a small margin) !.
My neighbour (15 km) who is owning a beautiful audio system brings me his power cable from SHUNYATA RESEARCH.
This guy is allways waiting for a new sensationnal product in audio area. He wants only the best.

Here is the power cord :  King Cobra version 2 and not 1 !. The version 1 is not as good as the version 2 (WARNING).



OK it is a fat boy, OK you ear a strange noise when you move the cord, OK there are only Shuko plugs, but the sound is MAGIC.
It's the first time that a power cable reach a so high rank, there is no word to describe it.

Greatness eveywhere, the sound is so plenty, end of notes are great, the air around instruments is so present...
Even my KUBALA SOSNA EMOTION is out of order but you need to know that this cable is no longer manufactured and that its original price (during the year 2004) was 2500€ !
So, if you find a used one, take it (If you can afford it). On my side, I have already started my search !!
Here some comments from a great audio american magazine :
I 100% agree...


Article by Florent

Creation date : 22/12/2008 @ 18:43
Last update : 19/01/2016 @ 17:42
Category : Interconnect cables
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Reactions to this article

Reaction #5 

by tadd 26/01/2011 @ 11:36


Reaction #4 

by racha 30/10/2010 @ 16:36

c bi1 je suis d'accord

Reaction #3 

by provence 18/05/2010 @ 12:26

Salut Francis, c'est corrigé !

Reaction #2 

by francis13800 08/05/2010 @ 20:54

'lut Florent,

Juste pour info, le cable secteur KC que je t'ai amené est un V2 et non pas V1...


Reaction #1 

by Marseille 09/04/2010 @ 19:55

Avant de dépenser des fortunes dans des câbles et des connecteurs "ésotériques", pensez à la qualité de votre secteur.1- installez un transfo d'isolement (pas un onduleur ça n'a rien à voir), matériel que vous trouverez dans n'importe quelle quincaillerie industrielle (Rexel, Coaxel..), Legrand en fabrique d'excellent. C'est moins valorisant dans les diners en ville que les connecteurs revétus de bisulfure de trucmuche, mais vous y gagnerez en qualité.2- Installer le transfo au plus prêt de la source secteur (compteur électrique), aprés la protection du disjoncteur quand mêmen.3 - Utiliser du câble HO7RNF 3G2,5 ou plus en section suivant la distance à votre installation.4-  Et après tout ça si vous voulez toujours acheter des connecteurs revétus de bisulfure de trucmuche, n' hésitez surtout pas, y'a pas de mal à ce faire du biennA+ Philippe
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