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Fascinating components - From SH Forum II

Vinyl anachronist
04-30-2007, 11:03 PM

1. Audio Note Onga-ku. Yes, I've heard it, and on several occasions. I have a friend with one. Time flies when you listen to it. It's like being in a time warp. When I win the lottery, that's what I'm getting. 26 watts of single-ended heaven.

2. Lamm Industries ML-2 monoblocks. This one is 18 watts of single-ended heaven. Everytime I hear one at an audio show, it's the best sound I hear that day.

3. Yamamoto Sound Craft A-08S 45. 2 watts of single-ended heaven. I get to hear this one every day, because I'm lucky enough to own it!

4. Audiopax Model 88. We're 4 for 4 for SETs...think I'm biased? This one, amazingly enough, is from Brazil! And it sounds wonderful, and has 30 solid watts per channel and can run most speakers.

5. Naim NAIT 2. At last, a solid state amp! Yet it still only has 15-21 wpc! I've owned many Naim amps over the years, and this tiny integrated might be my absolute favorite.

6. Unison Unico SE. This hybrid integrated is the first amp I've listed that could be called high-powered, with 140wpc. This is the amp that ALMOST prevented me from going SET. Almost. Partnered with the Harbeth Monitor 30 speakers, this is almost perfect.

7. First Watt F3. I reviewed this for TONE a few months ago, and still think I was a little hard on it. But I did say in the review that if I had to buy an SS amp right now, this would be the one. I meant it.

8. Naim NAP 250. The old one, not the new one. The old one doesn't image as well, can sound very forward and edgy in the wrong system, is very idiosyncratic. It's also the epitome of PRaT, and it rocks more than 70wpc should.

9. Bottlehead Paramour 2A3 monoblocks. These come very close to my beloved Yamamoto. Very close. And they cost $­­­­­549. A pair. This is the best buy of the group.

10. Audio Research Classic 30s. I heard this 30wpc mated once with the fairly inefficient Martin-Logan CLS, and it worked. Really, really well. This was the first tube amp I ever had any real experience with. No other amp I've heard sounds better at low volumes.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Oh well, so many amps, so little time...

Creation date : 17/08/2008 @ 12:50
Last update : 08/11/2014 @ 16:21
Category : Fascinating components
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