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Fascinating components - From SH Forum

04-30-2007, 09:50 PM
I'm inspired by Art DUDLEY, so here's my list of favorite power amplifiers of all time... (at least according to me!) No particular order of better or worse. Notice, I'm saying my FAVORITE, not the BEST amplifiers of all times !

1. The Mark Levinson ML-2 monoblocks. The 25 watt class-A ones that were huge and threw off a ton of heat. With a pair of Magnepans or Quads you were in pig heaven.

2. The McIntosh MC-30 monoblocks. 30 watts of tube sweetness! Midrange doesn't get any better than this!

3. The McIntosh MC275 (especially the current mk. V version) Still pretty sweet and plenty of authority to go with. Now that the input controls are gone, the sound is a bit cleaner too! Not to mention the classic good looks and modern build quality. I'm gonna hand this one down to my daughter in 30 years...

4. Krell KSA-50 Another Class A jewel, especially the KSA-50S mk II. Not the typical sound of early Krell gear. Definitely a bit of magic here!

5. Wavac EC-300B Our fearless leader has one of these and it is a beauty. Midrange magic AND inner detail in spades. If you have the right set of efficient speakers this could be your little slice of heaven for about 30k!

6. Nelson Pass First watt F3 Fifteen watts per channel, single ended class-A design. Uses more juice from the line than a stack of home theater recievers from Best Buy, but the cleanest, most grain free solid state you will ever hear!

7. Dynaco Stereo 70 Just because.

8. Conrad Johnson Premier 350 My current reference for enough reasons to write a book. Close to the "do everything" amp as I've ever come across. Tons of power, tons of control and dynamics all without being harsh or grainy.

9. Manley 250 monoblocks Read the upcoming review in issue 10. These are the most versatile tube amplification devices I have ever heard. Switchable between pentode and triode mode, they will power anything you can throw at them. All the finesse of a small amp, with the power of a big one!

10. Nagra PSA (or the PMA monos...) Great sounding amps from the Swiss that should be in a fine art gallery.

Well, those are my picks, let's hear what you guys have to say.

Runners up: Phase Linear 700B, the HK Citation 16 as well as the Citation II, Threshold 4000B, Audio Research D-79, Audio Research Classic 150 monoblocks

Creation date : 17/08/2008 @ 12:48
Last update : 08/11/2014 @ 16:18
Category : Fascinating components
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