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Amplifiers - Amplifiers for Duetta

For driving the Duettas you have many more amplifiers choices than for driving the Scintilla.
This means that you can finally get a better sounding amp because so few are capable of driving the Scintilla while delivering a good sound.

It opens you the possibility of a very good hybrid amp, some of which have been mentionned by others and include the following:

Hybrid :

  • Sphinx Project 14 (findable)
  • Sphinx Project 16 (good luck)
  • Conrad Johnson Evo 2000 (I eared this one with a Duetta Signature and it was superb)
  • AcousticPlan Santor (excellent little 100 watts)
  • Monarchy Audio SE250 (cheap and good even new)

Other cheap potentials include:

  • LLano Phoenix
  • Counterpoint Hybrids (several models)
  • NY Audio Labs Moscode 300 and 600

Expensive but very good alternatives:

  • Tenor HPS150 (expensive but very good)
  • Pathos InPower monos
  • KR Audio Kronzilla (stereo or mono)
  • KR Audio VA350 (if the room is not too big, then no problem)

Expensive Tube Choices:

  • Lamm ML1 or ML1.1 (90 watts...great sound)
  • Tenor OTLs (since impedance is nearly flat should work fine)
  • Einstein OTLs (same as above very good sound)
  • CAT JL2 (will drive almost anything)
  • Atmasphere M1.whatever (newest 100 watter)
  • VAC PHI series
  • VAC 30/30 (smaller rooms)
  • Canary PP amps (the 50 watt ones)
  • Red Rose Reference amp (supposed to be top)

Cheaper alternatives:

  • Rogue 150 monos
  • AES Six Pacs
  • Manley Snapper monos
  • Antique Sound Labs Hurricane (great in triode)
  • Antique Sound Labs DT1009 (now called something else)

SS amps:

  • The Old Classé amps (DR3 etc.) are pretty good
  • Threshold T200 was not too bad sounding
  • Ayre amps are pretty good sounding
  • Sugden Masterclass is not bad
  • Gamut D200 was decent
  • Hovland Radia
  • DarTZeel NHB108 sounds good
  • Goldmund 18.4, excellent

Class D:

  • Maybe the Sharp SX100

The rest?? No thanks.

Creation date : 11/07/2008 @ 12:37
Last update : 11/01/2016 @ 20:49
Category : Amplifiers
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