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Accessories - AXSon FPS 500
I have been using a multiple plugs accessory for many years, as many audiophiles do.
Mine had a AC filter in order to protect my tubes and provide a clean AC current. Since a few months, I have changed my tube amp for a transistor based amp (Threshold).

The accessory I have been using for years is branded AXSON:



It got gorgeous reviews in the international magazines, and was presented as a professional product, with a particularly efficient filtering.

Over the past 10 years, I have never thought to changed it as I have always thought that it the best on the market.

But recently, I tried another product and I immediately understood that it was far to be the best...: it hides a lot of informations and details ! Once again, I understood that I had made a fault by not considering the AC as a priority.

If you want to get an excellent level of musical reproduction, you * must * care about the AC and about the phase of all your devices. Since I have changed it for another multiple plugs (see herebelow) I ear much more information and detail. I wait for the conclusion of my collegue (Nounours18200) who should be impressed by the result since I have changed for another brand !



  • removed the pbs due to the AC: clipping, over voltages, etc...



  • you must NOT use it on your HiFi gear: it removes a lot of detail and information
  • the price is high


Article written by  Florent ("provence13").

Creation date : 20/03/2008 @ 12:05
Last update : 19/01/2016 @ 17:12
Category : Accessories
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