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CD Players - Some of the best CD players
This review has been written by VIARN on Homecinéma-fr in 2008

Great thanks to him for saying the truth on these high-end CD players review.

1) CEC TL1 Last Generation

Compared to the Wadia, we are in a very different way of listening to the music with a huge stage. It's really surprising for this kind of components (price)
This CD player has a quite good musicality but no more. So I sell it 48 hours later !.
Pro: listening to sweet, huge stage.
Cons: speed too slow and listening is too often the same. The voices are not so well done. Bass is like a London smoke.
We are in a different listening session.  The CD is very rigorous with a beautiful image, bass is very tight and the sound close to the reality.
Very fast. Good CD player even if it's a little old. I don't take it because I am aware of the repairing issues (no more maintenance).

Pro: very fast, clear and accuracy, we are inside the music like all the other Wadia.
Cons: no more maintenance.

It is a new approach of listening CD like with a very good tonearm and turntable
The best CD player I have listen at the moment. All persons loving vinyl with be very happy.
Very pleasant listening, not like a Wadia or a DCS but the sound has weight, stage is fantastic and with an exceptional musicality.
You are inside the room with the musicians !.

Pro : exceptional CD player.
Cons: no more maintenance, very complex.

It is an integrated CD player. It is directly in the same league than the WADIA 860.
Good CD Player, beautiful image, tones and colors are great but it can't be used in front of a separated CD+DAC
Listening is equivalent to the WADIA 860X even if I prefer the WADIA but by a very small margin.
Do not forget that the Wadia is 10 years older ! So what do you think about new technologies (no progress ?)

Pro : Good CD player, read SACD
Cons: Nothing, equivalent as a WADIA 860X. Price is not correct for the value.

Voilà une belle écoute !
Excellent listening.
Fast, beautiful colors and tones.
It is like the Forsell with an analogic sound. Stage is not as huge as the Forsell but the accuracy is the best of the world.
It is this CD player that I think to buy later ...

Pro: very good listening, congratulations (fast, beautiful sound, huge stage etc ...)
Cons: 50 kg, not imported in France , only 3 of them, maintenance is a question mark..

A similar sound, in the same family than the CEC. May be due to the  belt ?
It is not the sound I like. Not enought stage, not natural enough.
This machine is correct but utterly too expensive.
Forsell and Esoteric are far better even if the mechanism of the Esoteric is really slow.

Pro: good musicality very liquid
Cons: too expensive, far away from the Forsell and Esoteric.

The Verdi alone is not an exeptional CD transport.
But when used with the combo, Verdi/LaScala + Edgar + Upsampler, then it is very good !.
When I have compared it with the Wadia 9 or Zanden alone, it is not in the same league. 3 steps below.
For the sound, it's very fast, clear, pleasant. The stage is the best you can find in the market !.

Pro: The combo is very good in accuracy, and liquidity of the sounds.
Cons:  Must be the entire system or you will loose everything. Price.

A lot of magazine are saying that this CD player is the best.
We can consider that the box is very nice.
I am totally disappointed because this is the worst that I have listen in any way.
I don't understand why some reviews claim that it's a very good Cd player ?
It is even worst than a very simple Rega but is ten times more expensive.

Pro: nice box
Cons: the worst CD player of the group

9) JADIS JD1 with old version of the power supply
Very nice listening after the Nagra !. Near the Forsell and not the Esoteric way of hearing sounds
The JD1 offers more details than the Forsell but has less pleasant listening.
It is in the podium but in the 3rd position after the Forsell and the Esoteric audio.
Very good transport.

Pro : very good transport, small French company, upgrade is possible.
Cons: Price, Bass are not as good as the others.

After listening some CD players and transports, they put the CD player on and ...
I was chocked immediatly.
I don't know if some of you have done some comparison between High-end turntables and CD player but everytimes you are going back to the turntable !.
The listening was excatly as the Forsell but with more everywhere !.
Ah music with this component a dream that comes true.
And I was ready to but the Esoteric but now I don't.
METRONOME TECHNOLOGIE T2-a Signature  It's simply another planet , only the Forsell can give you so much.

Thanks a lot for all of you who have read this review until the End.

Translated by Florent


Creation date : 13/03/2008 @ 15:01
Last update : 10/01/2016 @ 17:42
Category : CD Players
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Reactions to this article

Reaction #2 

by Monitor 16/04/2010 @ 21:13

The problem with classification of a DAC with tubes is that the original tubes very often NOT are the ones who will match in YOUR room. That's the nice thing too...You can tune the sound by changing some tubes!

Nice with some input and views about DAC's and drives/cd-players!n

Reaction #1 

by djmagnepan 28/12/2009 @ 01:56

Dear Florent,
                    at first I would like to congratulate for interesting audiophile
site and hard work wth comparisons tests of all eduipment.Some of audio brands I also have a chance to test with group of my friends.Here we are;
1.Forsell CD Transport /Wadia 27 dac is probably the best what we heard.
   Transport was modyfied by our friend sound engineer with glass output
   and Wadia 27 got better power supply.Overall v.v.good analog sounding c.
2.Krell MD 10 Reference/Wadia 27 very nice sounding combo and great look
 -  width soundstage and good location of instruments,but sound was too clinic
   compare to Forsell/Wadia.
3.Metronome Ti 1 integrated cd player.Beautiful,rich and natural sounding
  cdp-very closed to Forsell/Wadia 27 in quallity sound.Lacking of natural
  timbre of some instruments,presented by Forsell.Fantastic if cosidering price
4.Thorens 2000 cd player,cost up to 600 euro,analog sounding,75% of Forsell does.absolut bargain.High recomandation.
5.Elactrocompaniet ECD 1 dac,very good and musical converter,one of the
  best for little money,warm with good soundstage.Bass better on Wadia 27.
Shortly we would like to audition Lector CD7 mk III,Ayon cd5 ,
 Best Wishes.Valery.
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