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Amplifiers - Plinius SA 250 MkIV

During my permanent quest for having the right amplifier in my system, I have tried various brands and of course PLINIUS was one of them.
Many years ago, this company created a few beautiful amplifiers, like teh SA100 class A.

As I love the class A, the real and only one..., I have contacted the importer for testing this baby on my system.
The importer, a kind man with a huge knowledge, brings me the amplifier directly to my door. (Thanks a lot).

It's a huge and heavy amplifier: 70kg. You must be two ot three persons for moving this monster.
The build quality is awesome. One of the best I have found with THRESHOLD in the past. Everything is made of steel and aluminium.

The heaters as you see on the picture are outstanding and there is no fan at all in the box. This is great for the noise floor. But these dissipators are necessary because of the power, reaching 250W in Class A !.
The manufacturer has a big chance because he also has a business in the steel and aluminium industry. So he can produce these marvellous heaters at a lower cost than other manufacturers.
The amplifier has a class A / class A/B switch on its front face.

Below is the monster:


The review has been done on the Florent's system, i.e. the reference system #2 (Apogee DIVA with an efficiency as low as 87dB).
This system uses a JADIS JP80MC tube preamplifier  that you have to implement with a lot of care: if not, the sound will not be at the top with the solid state amplifiers.

The SA250 was firstly auditionned in class A operation during this review.
As soon as you start listening the music, the bass are so deep and huge that you ear only bass and nothing else... This is pleasant at the beginning, but later on, the other parts of spectrum are not enough clear.

So the general spectrum is too thin in the medium/tweeter area.

I then switched to the class A/B operation. Suddenly the medium/tweeter became far better, more liquid. Normally , it should have been the opposite ?... But 250w in class A is more than a challenge: you have enough with your 5 fingers to count the manufacturers having successfully built this kind of monsters...

After many hours of listening to this system, I have to say that it looks like if the amplifier and preamplifier do not match together to produce a satisfactory result with the Apogee DIVA.
The "magic" does not appear like it does with the KRELL KSA 50 MKII and the THRESHOLD SA/3.9e that I used for comparison.
It will remain a mystery, and I really regret it !...



  • huge and deep bass, very impressive
  • crystal clear medium in Class A/B operation.
  • magnificent build quality, with aluminium and steel.


  • too much deep bass in Class A operation, other sectors are too thin
  • runs very hot, more than a KRELL (dangerous).
  • better in class A/B operation than in  class A.
  • vibration problem on one of the2 transformers


Article writen by  Florent (provence13 on the Forum).


Creation date : 24/12/2007 @ 12:26
Last update : 12/01/2016 @ 17:50
Category : Amplifiers
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