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Fascinating components - Brad Morricab
by Brad Morricab

Posted by Morricab (R) on August 23, 2007 at 08:13:25

Brad Morricab is the reference in Switzerland for reviews. He lives in Zurich. He is a really great guy who help you to do the best choice in audio components.
I have contacted him many times.

Hybrid amplifiers :
  •  Conrad Johnson Evolution 2000 (hard to find, not too expensive, huge and powerful with a great sound. Can be found used only)
  •  Sphinx Project 14 MKIII (go only for the MK-III and look in Europe where they are available from time to time...especially in Holland and Germany. Great sound, plenty of grunt Class A to the first 20 watts. Again used only).
  • Sphinx Project 16: Very rare (only about 20 units were made) 100 Watt pure Class A hybrid. One of the nicest sounding amps I have ever lessonned to)
  •  LLano Phoenix (Used only. Brutally powerful and supposed to be quite good. Affordable)
  •  Moscode 600 or the new one (Old one is cheap and powerful. New one might sound better. Both are pretty good)
  •  Butler Audio 2250 (I think) (Supposed to be good and fairly priced)
  • Counterpoint NPM monos (Used only and make sure they have been updated!)
  • Aria (former Counterpoint guy making good sounding hybrids again)
  •  Monarchy Audio SE250 (inexpensive, no feedback, class A up to 50 watts, should sound great!)
  •  Blue Circle amps (from affordable to expensive and have a good reputation regarding their sound).

If you want tubes again then:
  • Newest Audio Research amps (Classic PP pentode amps)
  • CAT JL2 (100 watt triode PP)
  • KR audio DX monoblocks (100 watt parallel SET, no feedback!)
  • ASL Hurricane (100 watts triode PP)

Creation date : 22/12/2007 @ 11:32
Last update : 08/11/2014 @ 16:00
Category : Fascinating components
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