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Reference systems - Reference system 8B

The Reference systems that we use at ThresholdLovers have been upgraded.

In addition to the wonderful Reference System 2 belonging to Florent, we use a new Reference system 8B belonging to Nounours.

This new Reference system 8B is a major change over the 7B, because we have changed a device that we considered as one of the very best preamplifier on the planet: the THRESHOLD Fet-10He in its fully upgraded version (the non upgraded version, although excellent, cannot compete at this level).

As usual, this new Reference system 8B is described by 2 slides: a 1st slide describing the Power Supplies section, and a 2nd slide describing the devices and the interconnexions.

As you have already understood, we have discovered a preamplifier that is one the very best, if not the best, preamplifier currently available: it has been deeply compared to many other 'state of the art' preamplifiers, and only 2 of them, fully upgraded, can equal it.

This pure champion is the final commercial version of the RISTEA AUDIO PS-V01, carefully optimized over the previous version (that we had introduced here),  'using exclusively the ears' (!), by its manufacturer.

We say that this preamplifier is, --without any doubt--,  the revelation, the absolute winner of the preamplifiers world over the past 3 years.

It combines a set of things that we believed impossible :

  • an exceptional and unbelievable musical performance in this final commercial version
  • a very large set of functions uncluding a remote control
  • a very reasonable price for a 'state of the art' preamplifier
  • a « 100% Made in France » quality assurance

Do not search any weak point : there is none.

This preamplifier will benefit for a new review in this final commercial version, and probably a video (the 1st of ThresholdLovers) because it is an absolute champion.

For your eyes:



You recognize:

  • The CD Drive : METRONOME TECHNOLOGIE T2A Signature with its separated "Reference" Power supply
  • A FUJITSU Notebook used to read the dematerialized files coming from a NAS linked to the Ethernet home network
  • A SAMSUNG Tablet on Android, to remotely control the FOOBAR software installed on the FUJITSU notebook.
  • The BEL CANTO REFLINK, that reclocks the USB signals from the Notebook, and also allows us to send the reclocked USB signals to one the ST optical inputs of the extraordinary WADIA 9 DAC: this ensures the same conversion quality for the 2 main sources, the CD read from the Metronome Drive and the dematerialized music files read from the computer.
  • A WADIA 9 DAC, fully upgraded : power supply, capacitors, (BlackGate, Nichicon, ...) and new ultra high performance voltage regulators (the WADIA 9 review will me updated soon)
  • The revelation of the year for reading the dematerialized music from USB: the CHORD 2-Qute
  • The SOTM reclocker (for the USB signals) used only with the CHORD dac (not shown on the photo).
  • Our new absolute reference in terms of preamplifiers: the RISTEA AUDIO PS-V01 in its final commercial version (the review will be available soon). You will find at the end of this section, the result of the "battles" between the RISTEA AUDIO PS-V01 and a list of some of the best preamplifiers on the market: a must read !
  • The GENESIS bass amplifier, dedicated to the 2 bass subs, integrated with the main loudspeakers
  • The 2 THRESHOLD SA/6e class A monoblocks amplifiers
  • The 2 hybrid ribbon GENESIS II.5 loudspeakers


The incredible performance of the RISTEA AUDIO PS-V01 against its competitors:

Following an incredible number of requests from our readers, asking for a list of the 'battles' between this RISTEA AUDIO PS-V01 and the other "stars" of the preamplifiers world, we publish this list to show you that this preamplifier is really a precious diamond !

In order to be precise, we inform you that the RISTEA AUDIO had been slightly upgraded with 2 pairs of PSVANE 12AU7 tubes. We strongly recommand to the RISTEA AUDIO PS-V01 owners to proceed with this PSVANE 12AU7 upgrade: it worths any penny and do not forget that the RISTEA AUDIO PS-V01 is quite unbeatable...

Against the following preamps (Updated: 30th Dec. 2017)

And the WINNER is:       Comment                      
AUDIORESEARCH Reference 5-SE RISTEA AUDIO PS-V01 Winner by a large margin
AUDIORESEARCH SP-10 RISTEA AUDIO PS-V01 Winner by a large margin
CRIMSON CS-710 Preamplifier RISTEA AUDIO PS-V01 Winner by K.O.
JADIS JP-80MC Anniversary Edition fully upgraded No winner It is a mater of taste
LAAM L2 Reference RISTEA AUDIO PS-V01 Winner by K.O.
PERREAUX SM-3 fully upgraded RISTEA AUDIO PS-V01 Winner by K.O.
THRESHOLD Fet-10 He fully upgraded RISTEA AUDIO PS-V01 Winner by a large margin


The results are very clear: this RISTEA AUDIO is THE absolute revelation of the past 5 years in the preamplifiers world ! period.

Here is another photo showing the room treatment based on many EQ Acoustics panels:




The grey panels are located just behind the loudspeakers, the black ones are the Bass Traps.

There are 10 other EQ ACOUSTICS panels on the lateral walls and a few other on the rear wall.

Our Reference System 8B is close to what we can named « a dreaming machine » !


Happy discovering !


Creation date : 13/05/2017 @ 18:47
Last update : 30/12/2017 @ 16:56
Category : Reference systems
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