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Reference systems - Reference system 7B

The Reference systems that we use at ThresholdLovers have been upgraded.

In addition to the wonderful Reference System 2 belonging to Florent, we use a new Reference system 7 belonging to Nounours.

This new Reference System 7B is described with a 1st slide showing the Power Supplies, and a 2nd slide showing the devices themselves. It is an evolution of our Reference System 7 showed herebelow, and the devices that have been changed in the 7B versus 7 are in the next photo:


Here are the new devices of the Reference system 7B:

Reference System 7B_devices_20170304_site.jpg

You recognize:

  • The CD Drive : METRONOME TECHNOLOGIE T2A Signature with its separated "Reference" Power supply
  • A FUJITSU Notebook used to read the dematerialized files coming from a NAS linked to the Ethernet home network
  • A WADIA 9 DAC, fully upgraded : power supply, capacitors, (BlackGate, Nichicon, ...) and new ultra high performance voltage regulators (the WADIA 9 review will me updated soon)
  • An AUDIO GD DAC-19 DAC with its AMANERO USB asynchronous card, exclusively used for the dematerialized music files coming from the NAS
  • The revelation of the year for reading the dematerialized music from USB: the CHORD 2-Qute
  • The SOTM reclocker (for the USB signals)
  • The well known THRESHOLD Fet-10He fully upgraded preamplifier
  • The GENESIS bass amplifier, dedicated to the 2 bass subs, integrated with the main loudspeakers
  • The 2 THRESHOLD SA/6e class A monoblocks amplifiers
  • The 2 hybrid ribbon GENESIS II.5 loudspeakers


Here is another photo showing the room treatment based on many EQ Acoustics panels:



The grey panels are located just behind the loudspeakers, the black ones are the Bass Traps.

There are 10 other EQ ACOUSTICS panels on the lateral walls and a few other on the rear wall.

The system setup is not complete but ThresholdLovers progresses !


Happy discovering !

Creation date : 04/03/2017 @ 17:08
Last update : 04/03/2017 @ 17:44
Category : Reference systems
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by jadis36r 12/05/2017 @ 07:44

Magnifiques systèmes s
Excellente continuation pour ThresholdLovers
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