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Power cable - Pachanko Levitation

Pachanko Levitation (Phase 2)

A French cable borned in the Reunion Island !



I have not tested any power cord for a very long time, and the virus is back !

To repeat our opinion, Threshold Lovers clearly says that the Power Cable, more generally the quality of the power source, is of the highest importance in any high-end system. The persons who do not believe that the power source has a huge impact are those who have never experimented by themselves the impact that different power cables have on a good Hi-Fi system.


But we also have to be a bit more precise. We do not say that we have any clear explanation of the cause, we just say that the power source do have a huge impact on the final quality. There are tons of " technical " explanations, but none seems to be the universal one that everybody would agree on.

We have many times be obliged to recognize that a « state of the art system » just sounds correct if the power source has not been optimized.

A non optimized power source is very often the cause of a disappointment for those having invested a lot of money in their high fidelity sstem : excellent electronic devices are necessary, but they cannot achieve an result without a power source optimization (power cables, fuses, phase of the various devices, etc...).

This is also a tricky domain because there are only very fewresselers that spend some time in performing this tunning directly in their clients home.

Along the past years, we have experimented the impact of the power cables depending on the kind of device they are connected to. Here is the relative impact based on our experiments:

Source = 40%

Pre-amplifier = 20%

Amplifiers = 10%

We have already reviewed the LESSLOSS DFPC, the KUBALA Sosna Emotion, the JORMA DESIGN Super Power Cord, the JENA LABS Basic Cryo, and this time we review the "HD" power cable.

This cable comes from the Reunion Island, a small French island... We take this opprotunity to congratualte the manufacturer, because it is so rare to meet a French player in this domain...

His website shows a large range of power cables, interconnects and speaker cables.

The cable that we review is the Pachanko "Levitation" (Phase 2) costing around 500€. We got only a few technical details:

  • OFC multistrand copper wire
  • Shielded and cryogenized
  • EMI proprietary filter
  • Length = 1.8 meter

Here are the photos of this cable:

The middle


The Schuko:


and the classical IEC:



The build quality is OK but the cable is very rigid.



The cable has been previously burned in for a long time by using it to feed very powerful amplifiers. Then we compared it to our low price referene : the JENALABS Basic Cryo.

In order to be sure of the musical performance of each cable, we have tested them on two different systems. The first one is our #Reference System 2 and the cable was connected on the Blacknoise, the second system (that I also know perfectly) belongs to one of my friend and the cable has been connected to the CD player (Resolution Audio, Cantata) which is one of the very best CD players.



The listening configuration remains the same in order to provide you with a solid base of comparison between the different Thresholdlovers' reviews.This power cable has been installed in our Reference System #2.




The Power cable has provided us with a speedy musical presentation : it does not deliver a soft or sweet sound.

On particular Jazz songs, this generates a lot of energy : we like this, particularly if the recording is of a very high quality. Contrarily, some persons may find its personnality too "nervous", pparticularly if your loudspeakers have a generous tweeter ...

The depth of the soundstage is very good, particularly if compared to the one delivered by a common power cable costing a few dollars. The choice of the best orientation of the power plug (in order to connect the Line and Neutral cables with the good orientation) is critical, with this cable as well as with any other power cable. This cable being very rigid, it may be a bit difficult to orient it in the correct direction.

Compared to the JENALABS, it is less soft and refined in the high frequencies. We believe that it will excel on the relatively dark systems, or those that we could qualify as "slow systems".

We recommend you to lesson to it prior to buy it, like you should proceed with any other device.


Listening session using the Resolution Audio Cantata:

-With the JENALABS cable:

  • The Voices: they have too much presence, but the mids are deliciously clear. The bass domain is very good, a good presence. The rest of the frequencies is pleasant but the mids have a lower level than we expect.
  • Classical: the listening session is pleasant
  • Other: similar whatever the kind of music is.

-With the Pachanko cable:

  • The timbres are in the average, with sometimes a metallic presentation, mais globally more exact than with the JENALABS.
  • Classical: the piano is not that good...
  • Others: very quick, very dynamic presentation on all the spectrum.The presentation is clean and precise. The basse domain is good.


We have globally the same conclusion in the two tests.



This cable coming from the Reunion Island has its own personality. If you have a system that you feel a bit too slow, or a bit too dark, than come on: this is the cable you must test on your own system at home.


  • Quick, large and nervous musical presentation
  • Right sonics


  • The IEC and Shucko connectors seem common, not particularly "high grade".
  • Will better match with a relatively dark or relatively slow system
  • The cable is bit too rigid


Thias article was written by Florent - January 2016.

Creation date : 29/12/2015 @ 15:17
Last update : 01/02/2016 @ 19:56
Category : Power cable
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