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Amplifiers - GRYPHON Diablo


Gryphon Audio Designs was founded in1985 par a Danish engineer named Mr Flemming E. RASMUSSEN, promotin a purist approach in terms of look and musical performance.


Buying a high quality audio device often provides more pleasure and is more financially interesting than buying a common device that you would like to change just after a few months or years.
This GRYPHON Diablo amplifier weights 30kg : this is a lot for an integrated amplifier and is not so common nowdays.... The name GRYPHON comes from a mythology sentence: « perfect union of the power of the lion with the grace of the Eagle... » and is the symbol of this Danish brand. The logo is easily recognized and well known in our high end Hi-Fi world:



Regarding its look, there are 10 remarkable circles on the top of the chassis: they are made to evacuate the heat generated by the amplifier. And this is necessary because, as you will read later on, this amplifier runs very hot...
The look of any device is always subjective... The front face looks a bit complex to our eyes, but this is purely a matter of taste ! This electronic device is a very modern one: a lot of functions are monitored by a microprocessor. This can be an advantage or a disadvantage from a musical performance viewpoint, depending on the quality of its implementation. You will learn later on that the GRYPHON Diablo excels in this area. But we just have to mention that any "computerized" funtion might be an issue in the very long term, from a maintenance viewpoint: it is always easier to repair a classical electronic device thana deivce using any microprocessor or logical functions...

This amplifier delivers 250W in class A/B.


Here is the front face with the very particular remote control:


and the rear face with the various connectors, including XLR inputs:


and a top view showing the 10 circles:


We have made a photo dedicated to the very particular remote control:


And finally the one that is one of the most interesting, showing the internal parts with a big toroidal power transformer and the 24 x 4,700µF capacitors used for the Power Supply:


The technical specifications are given herebelow:

  • Size: 480 x 210 x 460mm
  • Weigth: 30 kg
  • Power: 2 x 250W under 8 ohms (2 x 500W under 4 ohms, 2 x 800W under 2 ohms)
  • Bandwith: 0.1Hz to 250kHz at -3dB
  • Sensitivity: 0.56V under 8kohms (RCA) or under 20kohms (XLR)


The listening configuration is the same than is a lo of our previous reviews, inorder to provide you with a solid base of comparison. Nevertheless, we now use a much better amplification part, with a pair of 2 x MARK LEVINSON ML-20.6 monoblocks.



When we start a listening session with a so high end device confortabily seat in an armchair, we of course start by looking at it (the pleasure of the eyes) and then we wait for the sound coming out of it...
And this Diablo immediately delivers an enthusiastic and superb sound: no need to wait a pair of hours before it reaches its optimum level... This amplifier immediately demonstrates the league to which it belongs: the cream of the integrated amplifiers ! We are very closed from the Class A sound: beauty of the sound, beauty of the high frequencies, it is rich with a lot of speed.

Just a thing to point out: it is heavy (30kg) and runs very hot : do not cover the 10 circles, there are absolutely necessary for a proper ventilation of the Diablo.

This amplifier  is an high end device without any doubt. The power seems unlimited and its setup or compatibility with most of devices is a no problem subject, except maybe with the high efficiency speakers for which the owner will never go to a so powerful amplifier (he will of course go to a low power tube amplifier or a class A transistor based amp).
This diablo is a charming device : it is the new reference in the integrated amplifiers world, and coming back to a more common amplifier would be an unacceptable challenge for anybody having listen to this Diablo amplifier...

It can even compete with some high end monoblocks, and its retail price looks very reasonnable when compared to its musical performance. We know only two or three integrated amplifiers than could compete with this Diablo: congratulations mister GRYPHON...


This GRYPHON Diablo is a revelation. Compared with the previous GRYPHON audio devices that we have previously eared , even the Gryphon monoblocks, there is a huge improvement ! The GRYPHON monoblocks that i had lessoned to in the 90's were not good enough to my ears: the entry level THRESHOLD SA/3.9e class A was far better and the THRESHOLD monoblocks too of course, so i did not look at them anymore. But this Diablo belongs to another league and is a true success.

GRYPHON demonstrates its know how with this Diablo, and if their other products are as good as this one, GRYPHON may become a brand you have to count with...


  • the quality of the sound is as good as the Clas A, but with a Class A/B operation
  • the sonics and timbres are incredibly good
  • speed and dynamics
  • power looks quite unlimited
  • the price is reasonnable compared to its quality (approx; 12,000€)


  • it runs very (very) hot : therefore, take care to its proper ventialtion
  • its looks might not match the taste of the majority
  • it is heavy (30kg):but this is normal given its power
  • its remote control has a particular look, but can be seductive too

This article has been written by Florent and Nounours - March 2014.


Creation date : 19/01/2014 @ 19:36
Last update : 11/01/2016 @ 20:58
Category : Amplifiers
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Reactions to this article

Reaction #1 

by AndrewtheFish 29/05/2014 @ 05:23

Hello, I am a happy owner of a Gryphon Diablo, so I have less than a year and I am just setting up a system with it ... For now, it is in the company of a Kef LS50, a Cambridge 840C CD Player (like DAC) and Mac Mini with Audnirvana Player. The wiring is Van Den Hul (Inspiration, modified First Ultimates) and Isotek Perhaps the named components not do justice to so superb integrated, but I'm starting to hear is amazing ... kThe Diablo replacement to my Parasound Halo Pre and Power, and is clearly superior (being the Parasound excellent)I think that E.Rasmussen  is right. Something that strikes me is undervalued is this integrated in major specialized publications of Audio...Why?  (actually not name it?)
Sorry for my english..k
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