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Loudspeakers - QUAD ESL 2905





I had the chance to lesson to different QUAD loudspeakers, amongst which the ESL63, followed by the ESL 63 Pro, that revealed the qualities of the electrostatic loudspeakers. If during many years a few other manufacturers have challenged QUAD, such as, ACOUSTAT, MARTIN LOGAN, SOUNDLAB, it is recognized that QUAD was considered as the Master.

More recently, the QUAD ESL 989 did not convinced me so much, so my viewpoint on the brand dropped a bit.

But a year ago, the Mafuacturer has renewed its range of products with th the introduction of the 2912 and 2812. A few differences exist internally and more particularly externally, including a wood basement and other finish options that do not exist on the 2905 model.




Here is a front picture:



and here a view of the rear with the Power Supply and the connectors :




and a entire view of the rear face of these wonderful loudspeakers:


We copy here the technical specifications of the Manufacturer :

  • Size: 69.5 x 143 x 38.5 (thickness is 5.5cm max)
  • Weight: 34.8 kg
  • Type: electrostatic, 8 cells.
  • Bandwith: 32Hz to 21kHz (-6dB)
  • Sensitivity: 1.5µbar/v/1m (86dB equivalent)
  • Max power input: 2 N/m2/2 meters
  • Impedance: 8 ohms




As for the previous reviews, and in order to maintain a stable point of comparison, our review process remains unchanged. The power amplifiers that we have used for this review are the legendary MARK LEVINSON ML-20.6.




I have always been « in love » with the panels, even if I have not followed the QUAD route, but ACOUSTAT, MARTIN LOGEN and finally APOGEE !.

The QUAD were optimally placed at 1.8 m from the rear wall, the preamp and  amplifiers were at their best with enough power to drive the loudspeakers.

The twenty first minutes were surprising because we are not used to lesson to such speakers. The quality of the sonics, the depth of the bass with an incredible impactand density. I still have no explanation of how these loudspeakers can reach a so high level of musical quality ??

When this initial surprise goes away, thenwe just dive into the music. The size of the instruments is just right, and not oevrsized like it is often the case with other panels. The speed in incredible, like the precision... We could continue to emphasize, we could give a lot of details on how this disc or this record is excemtionally delivered through these speakers, but let us summarize the pleasure in one sentence. These speakers do merit to stay in your home. Period.

Do they have cons ? Of course they have, like any other device, but what a musical monster they are ! The cons are that their placement is critical (the pin point is an essential parameter of the final musical delivery...). They also do require an amplifier that is able to deliver a lot of current (Ampere) : but how many excellent loudspeakers do you know that do not require this kind of amp ?... And good news: regarding their qualites, these loudspeakers are a bargain, so you will save money for your amp... And finally you also need a large room, not a bedroom, to get the maximum pleasure from them.

Regarding the amplifier, we prefer a transistor based amplifier with these babies, but this can also be a matter of taste.

If we consider the price, these QUAD 2905 are so good that QUAD remains the King.



The 2905 were a golden surprise : we have re discovered the QUAD know how, and these speakers are both a true bargain and a true state of the art loudspeakers in the electrostatic category.

A few other manufacturers can compete with them, but the (low regarding the quality) price of the 2905 is a killer argument in favor of the company founded by Mr WALKER. There is no doubt that they have been precisely tuned and optimized. You have to spend much more with the competitors to get an equivalent result in the electrostatic category.

The final musical result is just wonderful and unexpected at this price level : CONGRATULATIONS TO QUAD.



  • beautiful finish
  • good electrostatic design
  • exceptional musical « timbres », harmonic reproduction
  • excellent bass , perfectly integrated with the rest of the range
  • exceptional performance compared to its competitors
  • price is very low compared to its musical results



  • Need of a powerful amplifier (able to deliver high current (Ampere))
  • the pin point is critical (as with most of the high end loudspeakers)
  • the listening romm must be large enough



This article was written by Florent - January 2014.


Creation date : 12/01/2014 @ 13:24
Last update : 17/01/2016 @ 15:09
Category : Loudspeakers
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