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Loudspeakers - Proac Response D Two


We all dream about a room dedicated to the music, a private place to lesson to it and to our beloved devices. But unfortunately, only a few of us can achieve this dream, and not only for financial reasons: if you live in an appartment located in London or paris, you have poor chances to get such a dedicated room !....

So if you lak space, what kind of loudspeakers are you looking for ? Of course the best possible ones is a small volume. Belonging to this category, the
PROAC Tablette, the HARBETH P3E SR, the DALI Menuet are a few examples of the well known references....
All these abovementionned models are known as excellent loudspeakers; but is there a Queen ? I have got the chance to review and compare a lot of these monitors, belonging to a very large price range, from a few hundred euros to (too) high prices, in particular the
MAGICO loudspeakers.

Our current review relates to the PROAC Response Two. Its look has nothing impressive, but the the design is due to a « star » in the Hi-Fi loudspeakers domain, Mr Stewart TYLER, the Chairman and Founder of this highly regarded British loudspeakers company. The people having lessoned to the ProAc Response 3.5, 3.8 and 4 understand what I mean.

The principles of the design are identical to those used for the BBC: thin chassis, vibration absorbers and thick back plate (25mm) being the main ones. There is nothing really special between these ProAc and the other loudspeakers having a similar siez, except the wieght: the 11kg let us think that the build quality is serious.


Here is the front face:

and the rear view:
As all the ProAc loudspeakers, the D TWO has a double connector for bi-cabling.

And the technical specifications:

Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
Recommanded amplifier 30 - 150 Watts
Frequency response 30Hz - 30kHz
Bass 6 1/2" Glass Fibre
Tweeter 1" Silk Dome
Cross Over type HQ Network
Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm 430x203x260
Finish Choice of colours

like most of the time, the technical specifications show nothing particular. the tweeter is a 1'' Silk dome model, and the bass driver is a 165mm is made of fiber glass with a specific copper cone used for phase matching.


As usual the listening configuration remains the same in order to provide you with a permanent point of reference. Nevertheless we therefore use a better amplification, based on the legendary MARK LEVINSON ML-20.6 monoblocks.

I use to listen to the music through the very large  APOGEE Diva ribbon panels, so switching to a pair of much smaller loudspeakers is obviously a « strange » experience. The loudspeakers should be slightly oriented towards the listener in order to get the best result.

The efficiency of these ProAc D-TWO is high enough regarding the small size, as it reaches 89dB, so it is not necessary to have a huge amplifier to drive them correctly. Nevertheless, we recommend a Class A amplifier as we believe that these amplifiers are generally more musical, and the ProAc are able to deliver the subtle differences that the best amplifiers can provide them with. A reasonnable power around 50W in class A is enough, allowing to chose a highly musical but not very costly class A amplifier. An excellent tube amplifier can also be a recommended choice...

these loudspeakers are not high and therefore you must use a pair of feet to set them properly: the tweeter should be at the same high than you ears when sitting in the listening position. We recommend you to chose a pair of high quality (and heavy) feet because the D-TWO worth them. Since a few years it is possible to find such feet at a reasonnable cost, and some of them can be filled with sand in order to increase their mass.

The very first notes of music deliver a sort a magic : we knew the reputation of these ProAc and it has immediately be confirmed by the initial listening session. The level of global quality and homogeneity of the music that they deliver is reallly exceptional. ProAc confirms that it is one of the very best loudspeaker makers around the world...

We have tried to identify a few weaknesses, but no way: regarding their size, we can just say that we are totally charmed by them.

We have listen to these ProAc just after the QUAD 2905, and we were totally surprised. The speed, the beauty of the notes, the impact that they deliver are excellent, just as the soundstage. The level of bass, when driven by a « current capable » amplifier, is unexpected for a loudspeaker of this size.
If the amplifier is excellent, these loudspeaker are quite magic.

In our opinion, the competitors are far behind: at least we do not see a serious competitor... They are far better than their small sisters, the ProAc Tablette, and they are nevertheless less known than them.

We strongly recommend you to listen to these loudspeakers, properly feed by a highly musical amplifier (Class A or tubes). This is the QUEEN, and for a long time !

  • manufacturing quality
  • optimized speakers
  • beauty of the notes
  • unexpected bass for its size
  • unexpected level of performance and musicality regarding its price

  • the price, 2.600€, may appear high but is totally justified
  • they might be more beautiful
  • a pair of excellent and heavy feet is required
  • a highly musical and current capable amplifier is required to get the best out of them: they worth it.

This article has been written by Florent and Nounours - January 2014.

Creation date : 11/01/2014 @ 22:22
Last update : 06/11/2014 @ 20:42
Category : Loudspeakers
Page read 3201 times

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