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Headphones - Audeze LCD-2


Our quest to the best available headphones continues... We are pround to introduce you the AUDEZE LCD-2, a serious competitor !...

In order to allow you a true comparison between our different reviews, we still use the same configuration described below:

These headphones can compete to join the restricted club of the very best headphones worldwide. As often, the design is made in the U.S.A. but these headphones are not manufactured in China but in America ! This is so rare nowdays that we are happy to share this good news with you....

This AUDEZE LCD-2 is the second planar based headphone that we review, the first one being the HIFIMAN HE-500. In both cases, the technology is the same than in the famous APOGEE Diva....

The first version of these headphones was entirely made with metal, whereas we fortunately get a beautiful leather in this second version 2. AUDEZE shares a common point with HIFIMAN : we get almost no information at all on the technology they use...probably in order to protect their know how.... So congratulations: you know as much information on the AUDEZE LCD-2 technology than we do ! it is a pity for the customers, but ...

The following diagram shows that the size of the planar shoudl be around 50mm:



Here is a photography of the version 1, showing a metallic arc:


and here is a view of the version 2 in its suitcase:


The look of this new version is really wonderful :



Type Hi-Fi
Link Cable
Frequency response 5 Hz to 50 kHz
Cable length 2 meters
Sensitivity 91 dB
Imedance 60 ohms
Connector Jack 6.35mm
Weight 500 grams

As usual, we have the same configuration than previously, so you can compare the results with the previous reviewed headphones : AKG K-701, GRADO SR-125i, GRADO PS1000 and SONY MCD C3000.

The confort offered by these headphone is in the average, but its build quality is outstanding. Our version is the " Rosewood version ", but another version named "Bamboo" is also available. The planar (i.e the ribbon) is hosted by a piece of wood.

The stock cable is a bit curious, a sort of flat cable, but a few "upgraded" cords are available on the market. The original cable does not have a pair of XLR cpnnectors, but an upgraded cable is available with these professionnal XLR connectors:




As usual, this is the post important part of our reviews.
The very first moments are very surprising : the sound seems to be too neutral, but a good surprise arrives soon with the bass section: it is very deep, so deep that we are not used to lesson to these frequencies !

We believe that this surprise will be faced by anybody listening to these headphones for the first time. After this surprise, we start a new serious listening session, and... the pleasure arrives. The speed is astonishing, the bass remains one of the best available on the market, the level of detal is oustandinng, etc... Please do not stop the music !...

Even the other competitors such as the Grado PS1000, HIFIMAN HE-500 and SONY CD-3000 are beated : this AUDEZE LCD-2 is a killer. It seems to isolate the listener from the rest of the world, at least when feeded by the NuForce HDP: this is a very rare performance, even with the headphones said t o be "closed".  These headphones are like a sweet candy.

All kind of music flow with ease. If we really look at "what could be better", maybe we could say that the classical music is maybe less attractive than the other styles, but we are even not totally sure of that...

The HIFIMAN HE-500 has been one of the very best headphone we have eared, but this AUDEZE LCD-2 is much better. In addition, its higher sensitivity finally give an easier to drive headphone. It delivers a so precise and beautiful music...


  • Excellent and reliable technology (the same than in Apogee or Magnepan)
  • Belongs to the 5  best currently available headphones worldwide
  • Neutral and well balanced, even if the midrange seems a bit present
  • Speed
  • High level of details
  • Excels on every kind of music
  • Detachable cord, with various upgraded available cables
  • You can listen to it during hours without being tired
  • Incredible bass



  • Comfort might be better
  • Requires a powerful amp
  • Price in France is too high : 1,500 to 1,800€ compared to the 1,150US$ i the States: the French importer has probably applied the currency exchange rate in the opposite direction...
  • Midrage is a bit present
  • Weight

Article written by Florent - January 2014.

Creation date : 22/03/2013 @ 21:33
Last update : 12/01/2016 @ 20:35
Category : Headphones
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