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Amplifiers - Lym 1.0T Phono


I have been far from my home for a few months and my beloved Reference System #2 sleeps.... So I transform this pain into an oppotunity by reviewing and testing various headphones based configurations. This is a relatively unexplored world and day after day, I believed that it merits far more attention...

I have been recently contacted by an Italian manufacturer named LYM AUDIO and he has proposed us to review their latest model, the LYM 1.0T integrated amplifier. But just before sending the device for a review, we were advised that a newer  version including a phono input was about to be made available, and so we have decided to slightly differ the review. We have finally received the new version that we review herebelow.

Even if this brand is new on the market,this manufacturer is not a beginner: ha has been workinf for more than 30 years in the military and civil electronic systems.
His goal was to realize
a small, not costly amplifier, but without any flow.

The choices that he has made have issued an amplifier based on a well known chip: the TRIPATH 2024, and so this amplifier belongs to the same
« class T »  family (« T » stands for Tripath) of amplifiers than the excellent TRENDS AUDIO PA-10 which has already been reviewed on this site.

It consists of a class D amplifier operating at the 650 kHz frequency with a proprietary modulation system. The well known class D is obviously compeltely different than the A, AB or B classes, which operate in a linear ùode and have a better reputation (at least for the class A). We are not going to discuss or caompare the class D with the class A/AB/B, but just tell you what our feelings have been when we have reviewed this amplifier.

For those of you who are not familiar with this Tripath 2024 chip, we can briefly adivse you that we have lessoned that this chip generally provides far better musical results than expected. The ridiculous cost, size and weight, combined with a small power (typically 10W) should not be considered as a predetermined and limiting factor  of the musical performance of this class T amps, even if, like Nounours and myself, you believe in class A like a British trader believes in the Financial Times...

Be aware that many manufacturers especially Asian and DIY amplifiers builders, make an extensive use of this T-2024 chip. The previously class T reviewed amp, the TRENDS AUDIO PA-10 is stil in our offices, so it has been for us to make a trustable comparison between the both devices.

The Italian manufacturer has extensively worked  on the technical aspects. He has for example used the latest version of the Tripath chip: the T-2024-C.
Then the two-stage filter, the voltage regulator and the capacitors have been carefully chosen. The parts are all CMS parts (CMS = Components mounted on Surface): this does not facilitate the maintenance but has most of the time no negative impact on the musicality for this kind of amplifiers (class T).
The external power supply delivers 16/19V , 2.2 A: this is not a lot, but remenber that the class T does not require a big power supply.

Over the past 20 years (maybe more...) I have been positively surprised by a few devices, that belonged to the most famous brands that we all know: KSA-50 KRELL, MARK LEVINSON ML2, THRESHOLD Fet-10 He, PARASOUND JC1, APOGEE DIVA, DCS Puccini, TW Accustic, MEITNER DAC, FM acoustics ... but never by a device costing only around 300€ ! The TRENDS AUDIO has been a very rare example, do the LYM AUDIO will be up?

We'll find out.


Here is a front view of the amplifier:


There are a On/Off switch, volume knob and two LEDs: one to indicate that the amplifier is on, and the other to indicate a T-2024-C overload.
Here is a rear view of the amplifier:



There are a phono input, a line input, and the speaker outputs.

Here is a view of the packing:
 The device had been sent from Italy and arrived with an Italian plug meaning not compatible with the French Schuko plug , so I had to use an adapter....

but we are sure that the manufacturer will correct this pb in the final version.


This amplifier has been lessoned on the following system:

Laptop / Foobar 2000 latest version 1.2.1 / Dac NuForce HDP / LYM AUDIO 1.0T Phono / Enceintes Highland, as shown herebelow:



We were several listeners for this review in order to get a trustable feeling.

The first thing that surprised us is that we jad never lessoned to an amplifier sounding so natural just "out of the box" with no burn in period.

We stayed several hours listening to a whole set of CDs, whereas we are usual tired after one or two in the same context (just "out of the box"...)..

After a few hours of listening our listening impressions are so surprising that we have discussed a lot to decide if it was consistent to written this in this review.... The problem is that we felt "we are in direct live" and almost at the same level than a FM Acustics... We know that this is more than surprising but are we are not "mad" and there were more than one person in the listening room to confirm this feeling.

verything is in place with plenty of small details, the speed and precision are there, perfect intonation stamps, tonal differenciation like in the real world.
The emotion that emerges from the records, like with the sax of Stan GETZ,  real and present in the room, stamps trumpets acids, fast and violent as they are in reality. This small amplifier at this low price point is a miracle....

Its direct competitor, the Trends, is distanced by a large margin: even if it is an excellent product as you can read in its review here, the LYM AUDIO performs much better.

Could this astonishing result be due to a perfect setup, that we would have found just at the first try? Maybe, but if the amp was not excellent the results would have not be excellent anyway... We will provide you with the feedback of the other listeners.  If the feedback is the same, then we are on the best class T amp in the market.

The true limit of this amplifier mainly comes from its low power, around 10W... even if it seems to be aournd 200 W.. To date, the more powerful class T amplifiers that we have listened to, have NEVER been as musical as the low power ones. TRIPATH des have a more powerful chip, but unfortunately we have not yet found any class T high power musical amp....

If your loudspeakers can cope with this power rating, then run to your closest reseller and listen: you will not be disappointed. We hope that this amplifier will be available for sale in France soon.


  • No major shortcoming
  • The small signals are very detailled
  • A lot of emotion and feelings flow out of this device
  • Speed is present, as well as dynamics
  • Generates no heat (can be located anywhere)
  • A few auditors have found it similar to a FM Acustics, provided that we know it is more than surprising !...
  • The best class T amplifier that we have lessoned to date
  • Phono input is good
  • The price cannot be lower !


  • The device had a italian power plug (this should probably be corrected in the final commercial version)
  • The look is too simple: it could be more refined.
  • The power is limited to 10W



Following this review, the manufacturer has wished to express the following feedback, that we fully copy herebelow:

Dear Mr. Florent Mr. Nounours,

We read with satisfaction your review on our LYM 1.0T PHONO, the last LYM AUDIO product. First of all, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your availability and your precious time that you have spent for review our new product.

The LYM 1.0T PHONO is built entirely in Italy and, for this reason, we knew for the beginning that our product would have been, compared to Asian products, much more expansive.
For us, as for many companies in Europe, the only way to compete with a market increasingly aggressive is to excel in technology. Today your review proves that we have succeeded in reach this goal and that, not less, the Technology Matters.

The new amplifier will be sold, all over Europe, through our website starting from mid October 2012.
The power cord will be available for most of the European nations.
With affection and appreciation for your work.

Matteo Malguzzi

This review has been written by Florent and Nounours - September 2012.

Creation date : 22/07/2012 @ 14:56
Last update : 12/01/2016 @ 17:44
Category : Amplifiers
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Reactions to this article

Reaction #1 

by sasha 02/12/2013 @ 10:30

j'ai personnellement pu longuement ecouter ce petit phénomène!
Et bien sur mon système , sur quelques points, il a mis un shoot a mon ampli a tubes 845 , et pour le reste il était largement a la hauteur, tant en terme de justesse de timbres, richesses harmoniques etc....
un véritable petit ovni , mes klipsch hérésy l'ont adoré et on ne peut pas dire qu'elles se donnent au premier venu!
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