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Headphones - Grado PS1000

Our comparisons of the headphones continue with a new review: the GRADO PS1000. To keep our reviews comparable, we have of course used the same testing configuration represented herebelow:

This headphone is the latest model of the GRADO range of headphones and the top of the line, precedently represented by the GS1000i, that is exactly the same than the PS1000 except that it uses two pieces of wood instead of aluminium.

Here is a photography of the GRADO PS1000 headphone:

On the PS 1000, the external parts of theheadphones are made of aluminium. The manufacturing quality is absolutely wonderful.

Here is a photography of the GRADO PS1000:

The cables have the same length on every Grado headphone models: 3 meters, and this is a good legth. Contrarily, the packaging is a true horror, abslutely unacceptable for a product having a price tag around 2.000€ ! Mister GRADO, this is not acceptable.

Here are the technical specifications delivered by Grado:

Brand Grado
Type HiFi
Connectivity Cable
Frequency response 5 Hz to 50 kHz
Cable length 3 meters
Impedance 32 ohms
Sensitivity 98 dB
Connector Jack 6.35mm
Weigth 500 grammes

There is nothing particular to point out amongst these specifications, we can just note that the 32 ohms inpedence is low enough to not required a very powerful amplifier.
The review of these headphones has of course been done with the same associated devices than the one used for the previously reviewed GRADO SR-125i and AKG K-701, except that we have used a BELKIN Pro cable instead of the well known Wireworld Starlight. The reason is that we have found a sort of emphasized medium and lack of emotion with the Wireworld in this configuration, and this was not pleasant.


We do not want to protect the suspense and we give you the feedback right now: « waouh, these headphones are wonderful ! ».
Whatever the music style you lesson to, the result is close to perfect... and the GRADO SR-125i and AKG K-701 (already reviewed on our site) did not reach the same level of musicality...
The comparisons have been made with high quality sources: a NAGRA V using its direct output (yes you can dream about it, but its price transform your dream in a nightmare...), a STUDER REVOX A-730 on its direct output, and a TASCAM CD-RW2000 on its direct output.

The ranking of these 3 sources is as follow:

1st: NAGRA V

The compliments that we could offer to this machine are the best possible: it is really perfect, very analog, superb. We nevertheless point out for you the fact that we have lessoned to 24bits/96kHz recordings, made by a highly qualified technician. Nothing in common with crapy and poor recordings delivered by some of the well known majors...We immediately though: « God, they should lesson to this to understand why they could make money if they issue true 24/96 unprotected recordings !...». We are sure that the number of music lovers who would buy unprotected (*) 24/96 recordings is just enormous...
We had never lessoned to this level of quality before the NAGRA V... something like a TW Acoustic turntable with a KOETSU Black Level cartridge...

(*): unprotected means that you can pick up the 24/96 digital output and send it to the high quality  DAC of your choice. Protected prevents the copy of the music, but the past has proven that it also prevent for the discs to be a commercial success... (look at the SACD of DVD-Audio as examples).

2nd: The NuForce µDAC2 SE.


The Quality/Price ratio is just incredible: although it is not as perfect as the NAGRA V is, nor as analogic as the NAGRA V,  the quality is really very high and delivers a lot of details and emotion.

3rd: The Studer Revox.
This is an old technology but it still has a lot of qualities. Nevertheless, ths level of detail is lower, and although it is superior to a common HiFi system, it does not reach the musicality of the abovementionned predecessors.

4th: The TASCAM.
It is the worse performer and by a large margin. The overall musical quality is too low compared with what we usually expect.

As a conclusion, it is evident that the GRADO SR-125i and AKG K-701 are not able to compete with the GRADO PS-1000, which is in another league.
After 30mn of listening, you cannot change the PS-100 for one of these two competitors.


The GRADO PS-1000 is a stunning competitor, belonging to the 5 best of the world. So this brings us a new challenge: we have to find a challenger...
So stay connected to Thresold Lovers because we already have another headphone under review: the HIFIMAN HE 500, and this one seems to not present the disadvantages of the GRADO PS-1000 in the high frequencies (the Grado seems to emphasize too much this domain and generates a few S S S). Maybe it is due to a lack of burn in or to a too limited amplifier, but the HIHIMAN HE 500 looks like a serious competitor...

  • One of the 5 best headphones in the world
  • Extraordinay detailed in the mids and high frequencies
  • Speed
  • Excellent on every style of music
  • Overall level of detail
  • large and confortable cushions
  • Excellent soundstage, width and large
  • Delivers a lot of emotion

  • Heavy (500 g)
  • The packaging is not acceptable at this level of price
  • The high frequencies are too present
  • Price is too high: 2.300€ in France !

A dedicated topic is available on our FORUM to discuss about these headphones.

This article has been written by Florent (provence13 on our Forum). May 2012.

Creation date : 14/04/2012 @ 17:57
Last update : 12/01/2016 @ 20:41
Category : Headphones
Page read 806 times

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