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Accessories - High-end Fuses

Am I mad, no only a dream lover of high-end components. So I have tried high-end fuses comming from Germany (Hi-fi tuning). All of them are hand made with silver inside and gold platted outside.

My THRESHOLD SA/3.9e upgraded amplifier (look at this article) has 5 fuses. One for the main power line, and 4 for the negative and positive AC.



It is in this configuration that I started the review.

5 fuses in place.
1) Sounds are sweeter, more analog. Voices and violins are awesome.
2) More deepth and air around the players, not a little but by a great margin.
3) My amplifier seems again having more power: incredible...
4) Faster than before on the whole bandwidth.
5) Depending on the new approch, I changed my speakers' filters configuration by switching the tweeter on "neutral". This was impossible before because of a too agressive sound (so this is good thing).

on cons, we loose neutrality, sound are too sweet, wind instruments are too beautifull without the crispy sound but where is the real truth ?

I then tested with only one high-end fuse on the main power line.
All the informations giving before are the same but :
now I will find again what I like with wind instruments, it is magic !.

Conclusion :
You must mix the fuses to have a fantastic result. Why ? Because my system need it. You must try also on your own system if you need this mixed configuration.

The price is 20€ per fuse.




Article written by Florent.



Creation date : 21/05/2007 @ 16:30
Last update : 19/01/2016 @ 17:20
Category : Accessories
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Reactions to this article

Reaction #1 

by Macharl83 01/04/2009 @ 17:11

J'ai eu, par le passé, des fusibles HIFI-Tuning sur un lecteur de CD Ayre D1xe et sur un ampli Mcintosh 402. Effectivement on "gratte" un petit quelque chose : un peu plus de dynamique et de transparence, surtout sur le Mc, mais le gain est plutôt minîme.
Par contre j'ai actuellement un fusible rhodium Furutech (Padis en Allemagne, c'est la même chose en moins cher) sur le Mc et là le gain est bien plus important, je dirai 3 ou 4 fois plus efficatce que celui de Hifi-Tuning. Il n'y a donc pas à hésiter d'autant plus que le fusible rhodium de marque PADIS coûte aussi 20 €..A titre info, en Allemand "fusibles" se dit "feinsicherungen". Vous trouverez ça, entre autre, sur
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