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Headphones - AKG K-701


Our « Headphone Saga » continues with this new model: the K-701 from the Austrian manufacturer AKG.
We have of course uses the standard configuration that we use to review every headphones, exactly the same than the one we used to perform the review of the GRADO SR-125i last month. It is described hereblow :


These headphones hold the K-701 reference in Europe, and although they are mostly unknown they are nevertheless the top of the AKG models.
AKG is the first manufacturer to introduce the « flat ribbon cable technology » in the headphones, and this is the major commercial argument used to promote these headphones.

Let us have a look to its technical specifications:

Brand AKG
Type Hi-Fi
Connectivity Cable
Frequency response 10 Hz to 39.8 kHz
Cable length 3 meters
Impedance 62 ohm
Sensitivity 105 dB/V
Connector(s) Jack 6.35mm and 3.5mm
Weigth 235 gr

You will note that the impedance is relatively low at 62 ohm only, and that means that a powerful headphone amp is not required to use it.
The methodology and devices we have used to conduct this review are obviously exactly the same than those used last month when we reviewed the GRADO SR-125i.


The first thing that comes to mind is: this one is CONFORTABLE ! In addition, AKG has chosen a set of very large cushions, so the ears have a lot of space... So we send a message to (most of all) other manufacturers: please have a look at the AKG approach in order to build more confortable headphones : AKG proves that it is possible ! Congratualtions...

Aesthetically, these headphones have a distinguished presentation, a brown leather band, with aluminium: beautiful...Even if this is what we can logically expect to get  from a top of the line contender, we can point out our satisfaction.

Regarding the musicality, the sonic signature is easy to identifiy. The different parts of the frequency range are not pushed up or kept down: everything is straigth. Regardng the dynamics, we have not been convinced: when is this headphone able to accelerate when the music does ?
The soudstage is good, large for an headphone. The sound is sweet but precise, the high frequencies do go high enough without any agressivity. We would say that this headphone is more convenient for the classic music than for the rock'n roll, house or modern musics...


  • The overall quality of the sound: it is good everywhere in the frequency range
  • The Mids are subtle, refined, precise and sweet
  • The look is seductive
  • Very very confortable
  • A very good performer for the classical music
  • The definition and transparency is OK
  • A lot of space for your ears
  • The soundstage is large and deep
  • The cable is long enough: 3m


  • Where are the bass frequencies ?????
  • Dynamic capabilities are not enough

A dedicated topic to discuss about this review is available here on our FORUM.
This review has been performed by Florent (Provence13 on our Forum). May 2012.

Creation date : 26/03/2012 @ 22:48
Last update : 12/01/2016 @ 20:00
Category : Headphones
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