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Accessories - Statmat CD

I have always been impressed by some tweaks that are not expensive and produce a significant improvement. After reading some articles on the web, I have decided to buy the CD STATMAT from Ringmat, a UK based company, and to review it.

This one is supposed to modify and suppress the static charge and produce a sweeter sound in every aspect. Let say more analog than digital.
Our system is still a WADIA 850 CD player with a Teac VRDS mechanism. You can see pictures below. The product is blue and you do not get any explanation on the reason for that, of course !.



The accessory itself.



The original box.


The listening sessions were done with only one track of classical music from Falconieri : "Battaglia". This track is very impressive. It has all the possible sounds that you can imagine.

So, how is it doing ?
Well, I admit that I have spend a lot of hours before having a viewpoint. Here are the cons and pros.

+ Focus is really better, you concentrate your listening on instruments and voice.

+ Sounds are sweeter and are a little bit different.

- You loose some accuracy.

- Space bandwith is narrowed and there is less width

At the end, it really depends on your system. If it is sweet enough, forget the CD Rigmat; if it is the opposite, you can try this accessory, but do not forget its 60€ price tag, so please contact your dealer for testing it.



Article written by Florent.

Update by Nounours:

Florent has given you a very detailed report regarding this accessory. He spent much more time than myself in listening sessions with this accessory. My conclusion is much harder than his: I believe that this accessory is useless and reduces the global sound quality instead of improving it...

Creation date : 10/05/2007 @ 17:57
Last update : 19/01/2016 @ 17:23
Category : Accessories
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Reactions to this article

Reaction #2 

by Angusf27 05/08/2010 @ 22:44

The Statmat is very CD player dependent. Works well on cheaper DVD players and works very well on some players. Better timing, presence and naturalness. Doesn't work with my High end Marantz player though. Try before you buy if you can and remember, power supply and power cables is the number one improvement especially with digital.  If you use a transport and DAC try Straightwire Rhapsody Virtuoso interconnect as digital electrical connection.  Unbelievable improvement over lesser cables.

Reaction #1 

by john 05/07/2008 @ 23:31

I have to admit that the statmat cdi did not work for me. Although it did appear to make lyrics and music more detailed and easier to understand, the music somehow lost its drive and rythm. The previous statmat (i.e. the one without the blue spot) did work well.e
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