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Speakers cables - Element cable
Context of the review:


As promised, the ELEMENT CABLE Twisted pair is under review: it has already been tested on our reference system #2:

  • WADIA 850 CD player
  • JADIS JP-80MC preamplifier
  • THRESHOLD SA/3.9e with upgraded power supply, class A amplifier (refer to the SA/3.9e mods article)
  • APOGEE DIVA ribbon speakers (with recent ribbons)
  • SILTECH 4-80S silver modulation cable with WBT connectors (RCA).
  • SILTECH LS2-090 silver speaker cable


It will be reviewed on our reference system #1 by end of May in order to be compared with the MIT-T2 speaker cable.


As usual for every review, our reference system had been turned on for many hours (more than 6 hours) before proceeding with the cable test, in order to ensure that the maximum resolution was reached.


Various audio CDs were used, from Jazz to pop, in order to identify the sonic character of the cable, and all the CDs were of exceptional recording qualities to allow us to detect the slightest difference in resolution between our SILTECH LS2-090 cable (that we use as reference point) and this new ELEMENT CABLE twisted pair.


The SILTECH LS2-090 speaker cable is a serious contender: the vast majority of cables that we have compared to it did not reach the same level of quality, and given the modest price of the ELEMENT CABLE Twisted pair, we had some doubt that it could compete with the SILTECH.

The reason for which we performed this comparison is that a friend of us (located in Lebanon…) who has both a *lot* of money and the chance to have tested almost all the cables available on the market included the outrageously costly ones…. (you can invert the “a lot” and “chance” words depending on how much having money is important for you !) in his “state of art” HiFisystem, has told us that this cable is really impressive, let say so impressive for its price that it is simply unbelievable…

Florent and I simply love to verify these kind of “unbelievable things”, because, particularly when cables are concerned, the price is not a proof of the final quality, nor of the Research and Development efforts put in the cable design…

Cables probably represent the Hi-Fi area where manufacturers and/or distributors make the most outrageous margins compared with the real cost of the products ! This is not to say that cables have no impact of the final result, -they do have a huge impact-, but the selling price of some cables are simply totally crazy, not less, compared with the real costs. By the way, the new range of cables made by ELEMENT CABLE also reach stratospheric levels of price…


So, how does it sound ???


We are not going to keep the information longer: this cable is simply astonishing. We remind that the selling price on the manufacturer website is around 150$­­­ par 2,20 meter pair…which is clearly less that the vast majority of well known cables.

The result is at the same level of quality than the SILTECH LS2-090, maybe better: read the entire minutes of the review below.

On our reference system #2, the first thing that Florent and I thought was: god, we have a serious speaker cable here! as the music started to flow out of the speakers, we immediately say that the cable did compete with the SILTECH.

Although there are some differences between the 2 cables, they both provide excellent results: not just “good results”, but excellent results.

Florent, who has used to lesson the music through the SILTECH cables, prefers the LS2-090, whereas I prefer the ELEMENT CABLE.

We have tried to identify the differences between the competitors: there are mainly 2 differences:

The first one is that the SILTECH tends to slightly push up the bass range of frequencies compared with the mid and high ones. This is not a default, but a sonic character.

The second one is that the ELEMENT CABLE is more transparent than the SILTECH and provides more detail in the mid and high frequencies, with the ability to go further in the highs, but is never aggressive even in the very high frequencies. It seems to make the termination of the notes lasting longer.


The SILTECH is probably a better choice if your system slightly lacks some bass, and/or if you need a warmer resolution. On the female voices of the jazz recordings for example, it provides a extremely pleasant performance. In the same situation, the ELEMENT CABLE provides more details on the instruments and goes further in the mid and high frequencies resolution: the cymbals for example are more detailed than with the SILTECH, and some details of the music are not hidden (not only in the high frequencies but also in the mids).


But the ELEMENT CABLE does not provide this very warm female voices that you get with the SILTECH. Because I do not feel any lack of warm with the ELEMENT CABLE and because I get more ease in the medium and high frequencies, I prefer this one, whereas Florent prefers the SILTECH…

As a summary, these 2 cables are really excellent and the choice is a matter of taste, and of course depends on the existing overall characteristic of your system.


But whatever your system is, this ELEMENT CABLE Twisted pair is a definitive bargain: not because it is not (too) expensive, but because it provides outstanding musical results and can compete with cables costing 5 times (or more) its price!


The ELEMENT CABLE Twisted pair will be tested in our reference system #1 in May.


We hope that this article will help you to improve the performance of your system if you have question, do not hesitate to ask Florent or myself, preferably via the Forum.

Creation date : 25/04/2007 @ 22:21
Last update : 19/01/2016 @ 17:49
Category : Speakers cables
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Reactions to this article

Reaction #4 

by Nounours18200 02/09/2014 @ 18:56

To morrosco42 : we recommand you to buy instead the "Anticable level 2 performance" that you can see on this page:!/~/product/category=3449817&id=14618506
It is excellent, even better than the Element cable, but we have tested it after the Element cable.
Hope this helps,

Reaction #3 

by morrosco42 02/09/2014 @ 10:57

my problem is that this company(Element)  or no longer exist orchange the name

Reaction #2 

by provence13 27/11/2011 @ 19:51

C'est normal, un câble cher doit être normalement meilleur et puis le votre vaut 5 fois plus ! En haute fidélité les matériels très chers sont souvent très bons, par contre c'est un choix entre finance et rendu sonore final.smiley tranquille

Reaction #1 

by bruno13 27/11/2011 @ 18:25

bonjour,il y a une quinzaine de de jours j'ai acquis en occasion  des câbles siltech hp ls 110 mk2 pendant deux ans j'ai utilise  les ELEMENT CABLE "Twisted pair. mon système cd aria micromega threshold t2 +sa4 remis à niveau .enceinte volante triangle.ces siltech ls 110 depuis leur branchement m'ont permis de découvrir mon système libéré,mes enceintes sont totalement invisibles la scène sonore est devenue tellement plus réelle profonde et consistante et la musique est devenue chantante et mélodique .tout cela pour dire que des câbles 5 fois plus chère peuvent enterrer les   ELEMENT CABLE "Twisted pair,mais je reconnais que vu leur prix il sont très bon
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